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Images of Blu-ray Home Cinema System with Bluetooth
Images of Blu-ray Home Cinema System with Bluetooth
Images of Blu-ray Home Cinema System with Bluetooth
Images of Blu-ray Home Cinema System with Bluetooth

Bring home the silver screen experience

Recreate the luxury of the cinema with four compact Magnetic Fluid speakers. The system offers acoustics and picture quality that will impress you and your friends.

The beauty is in the detail

4K Ultra HD offers 4x the detail of Full HD

When connected to a 4K Ultra HD TV, your content is upscaled to 4K quality. Otherwise, watch 2D and 3D Blu-Ray Discs™ or DVDs with upscaling to Full HD quality.

Magnetic Fluid speakers

Room-expanding sound

Fill your living room with 5.1ch HD surround sound. Based on NASA technology, the 4 compact Magnetic Fluid speakers produce a powerful audio output.

Flawless design, inspired by nature

The BDV-N Series 'Sense of Quartz' design is inspired by the cut-glass edges and gleaming facets of quartz. Every element of the system offers uncompromised style.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Go online with built-in Wi-Fi

Easily connect to the Internet with built-in Wi-Fi. Stream entertainment from your wireless home network and the Internet without the clutter of cables.

Just one touch

Streaming music has never been so simple

Play music easily from your PC, smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth® with NFC one-touch listening. Enjoy complete sound clarity with the Digital Music Enhancer.

One-touch listening
On-demand entertainment with Wi-Fi

Online, on-demand entertainment

Wi-Fi access to the Sony Entertainment Network lets you stream video from the web, browse millions of songs, and watch catch-up TV with your favourite networks.

Make your TV and smartphone perfect partners

Download the TV SideView app to explore and control your viewing. See your smartphone content super-sized with Screen Mirroring.

  • Big, cinematic sound from stylish Magnetic Fluid speakers

  • Upscale movies and more when watching on a 4K Ultra HD TV

  • One-touch listening with NFC

  • Enjoy 3D films and TV in Full HD 3D

  • Built-in Wi-Fi to easily connect to the Internet

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