Fit your TV beautifully to the wall

The WL900 TV Wall-Mount Bracket harmonises with your room, swivels for easy viewing, keeps cables neatly, and is compatible with the separately-sold soundbar bracket.

  • SU-WL900

    (incl. VAT and WEEE)

Harmonises with your room

The TV fits snugly to the wall so it blends into your living space perfectly.0123
Living room scene with sofa left, table centre and wall-mounted TV above soundbar and marble plinth with screenshot of space battle

Swivels for easy viewing

The bracket lets you swivel your wall-mounted TV up to 21°. So you can quickly adjust the angle for optimal viewing and easily access connections.01
Side view of wall mount bracket showing detail of swivel mechanism

Keeps cables neatly

When wall-mounting your TV, just run the cables along the guides and they’ll be neatly hidden away. Even when swivelling your TV, the cables are barely visible.0
Front view of TV and soundbar connected by wall mount bracket with cables hidden

Compatible with soundbar

The separately-sold compatible soundbar bracket lets you wall-mount your TV and soundbar as one. They fit close to the wall, swivel in unison, and complement each other beautifully.
Angled view of soundbar bracket showing components that allow wall-mounting of TV and soundbar as one

Compatible TV model: The TV which satisfies load capacity and VESA® Hole Pitch / Screw Hole Size (W x H in mm). Please refer to applicable models.

Load capacity: 60kg

VESA® Hole Pitch: 300mm x 300mm / 400mm x 400mm

Distance from wall to TV: 13mm/26mm

Swivel function: Yes (Swivels up to 21°)

Compatible soundbar wall-mount bracket: SU-WB1



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