Product Showcase Setting | Vlog camera ZV-1F | Sony

Caption “Product Showcase Setting”


Caption “Set to Product Showcase Setting” over shot of the camera’s LCD screen showing the user touching the Product Showcase button, activating the feature and displaying the message “Place the product in the center”


Caption “Product Showcase Setting: On” over shot taken from the ZV-1F showing the user in focus; then she introduces a cosmetic product in the foreground, and the focus automatically transitions to the product; then when the product is removed from the foreground, the focus automatically returns to the user


Caption “Product Showcase Setting: Off” over the same shot showing the user in focus; as the cosmetic product is introduced in the foreground and subsequently removed, the focus remains on her face and the product remains blurred


Split screen repeating the above two shots side-by-side for comparison; left: caption “Off” over the shot with Product Showcase Setting inactive; right: caption “On” over the shot with Product Showcase Setting active, showing the automatic focus transitions in Product Showcase Setting mode


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