POC-DSEC Series Optical Digital Audio Cable

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1 m|3 m

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Specifications & Features
  • Digital audio cable designed to link a HDD Recorder, DVD player or a Set Top box to a Home Theatre system

  • Supports multiple audio formats, from Stereo to Surround sound

  • 2 lengths available: 1m & 3 m

  • High-quality optical fibre that reduces signal transmission-loss and audio-distortion

  • Vibration-absorbing structure that reduces transmission-loss – Vibration absorbing powder, vibration absorbing resin material

  • Spherical ends of the optical fibre improve optical convergence and enhancing axis synchronization for reduced transmission loss

  • Dual-layer protective sheath protects against optical fibre damage and ensures High durability

  • Protective structure for the spherical end face of the optical fibre against scratches

  • Metal plug jackets have High corrosion resistance and ensure easy insertion

  • Special sheath equipped with Mesh-Jacket brings durability for heat / attrition and High flexibility

  • Warranty period: 2 years

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