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Double your reach, lighten your load

The SAL20TC teleconverter lens doubles your focal length without compromising image quality. A high-performance teleconverter like the SAL20TC can significantly expand the range and versatility of a single lens or a small selection of lenses, giving you a vastly greater range of shooting options without having to carry a heavy, bulky lens kit.

2.0x Teleconverter Lens Compatibility
A-mount Full Frame Cameras
A-mount Full Frame Cameras
A-mount APS-C Cameras
A-mount APS-C Cameras
Sample photos
Double your focal length

A high-performance optical design increases the focal length of compatible lenses by 2.0x without compromising image quality. Great for sports and nature photography.


Image taken without SAL20TC teleconverter.


Image adjusted to simulate teleconverter magnification.

Compatible with a range of lenses

The SAL20TC teleconverter is compatible with the following lenses: SAL500F40G, SAL300F28G2, SAL70400G2, SAL70200G2, SAL135F28

Compatible with a range of lenses
Lens Configuration

Impressive optical performance for Sony cameras, precision engineered for versatility and reliability in a wide range of applications.

Specifications & Features

  • Extends focal length of lens by 2.0x

  • Increase focal length without degrading resolution.

  • A handy tool for minimizing gear.

  • Compatible with a range of lenses

  • Compact alternative to bulky additional lenses

200g (7.1oz.)

What's in the Box

Lens front cap, Lens rear cap, Case

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