Images of Fisheye Converter
Images of Fisheye Converter
A new view with the 'fisheye' lens

Attach the 'fisheye' conversion lens to the SEL16F28 or SEL20F28 lens of your E-mount camera for a 180 degree curvilinear view with high definition optics.

For E 16mm F2.8 and E 20mm F2.8

Sample photos
Enjoy the expressive fisheye perspective

Any time you want shake up the perspective, simply fix on the "fish-eye" converter lens.

Lens Configuration

Specifications & Features

  • For use with SEL16F28 and SEL20F28

  • Focal-length when mounted on SEL16F28, 10㎜ and on SEL20F28, 13mm

  • Easy-to-attach bayonet mechanism with lock for quick fit

  • F2.8 maximum aperture of the lens remains unchanged because no light loss is incurred

  • Sleek, high quality design

Maximum Magnification ratio (x)
0.048x (With SEL16F28) / 0.068x (With SEL20F28)
150g (5.3oz.)

What's in the Box

Lens front cap, Lens rear cap, Carrying case

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