Recycling and better listening experience

Increasing the use of recycled plastic is part of Sony’s environmental plan to achieve a zero environmental footprint. Sony introduces a new recycled plastic that will contribute to the further use of recycled material in audio products by helping to deliver high quality sound.

Meeting the challenges of sound

Sony uses recycled plastics in a growing variety of product categories. The premise of this is our mission to provide a moving experience for our users. The high expectations our users have toward the performance of audio products, encouraged us to create a new high-performance recycled plastic for audio. 

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Passionate about technology—and the spread of recycled plastic

Sony’s engineers were pursuing both sound quality and environmental awareness when developing this material. Watch an interview with those involved, and discover what factors resulted in this innovation.

Improving sound quality while using 65% recycled materials

Among the recycled plastics used by Sony, one offers a recycled material usage rate of 65%. Based on it, this new recycled plastic maintains that high rate while helping to improve sound performance by testing new combinations and ratios of additives.

Pie chart of composition of recycled plastic from Sony.
Image of composition of recycled plastic

Pie chart A=Recycled material, B+C=New base material.

Structure of newly-developed recycle plastic from Sony.
Structure of newly-developed recycled plastic

Enlarged photo shows that it has a structure similar to virgin plastic.

Ensured impact resistance

For products where various usage situations are expected, sufficient impact resistance is a necessity. The new recycled plastic material delivers resistance comparable to virgin plastic.

Material for recycle plastic.
Trustworthy material, first and foremost

By limiting the recycled material for our new recycled plastic to specific pre-consumer items, we ensured a stable supply, productivity and quality for the new recycled plastic capable of delivering superior audio performance.

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