Images of External Pocket Size Hard Drive
Images of External Pocket Size Hard Drive
Images of External Pocket Size Hard Drive
Images of External Pocket Size Hard Drive


Boost transfer speeds with the DataTransfer Accelerator

Speed up transfer times by Data Transfer Accelerator software which supports faster data transfer approx. 2 times to the External Hard Drive. (*Data Transfer Accelerator doesn't support Windows® 10)

Find more details here and download Data Transfer Accelerator

Intelligent file management with Backup Manager 2

Backup Manager 2 software periodically, and automatically, backs up data from your PC to the hard drive. It utilises an incremental back-up system, so will only back up files that have changed in the folders users designate for monitoring. Also, even if the external hard drive is not connected, Backup Manager 2 can temporarily backup your PC’s data to a cloud storage service, such as Dropbox. *Please note that this software is only compatible with Windows operating systems.

Download Backup Manager 2

Easy compatibility with the FAT32 Formatter

Connect to older PCs, PlayStaion®3 and Handycam® models. The hard drive’s FAT32 formatter opens up storage options for those products that do not support the NTFS files system. Plus, with smart software there’s no complicated set–up: just plug in and start using your drive straight away. *Please note that this process removes all existing data from the hard drive – including software – so making a backup is advised.

Download FAT32 Formatter

Password Protection Manager for total security

Enjoy peace of mind with the free Password Protection Manager. Once activated, you're required to enter a password every time you connect the drive to a PC. You can use your password to only lock certain partitions, leaving others 'open' for flexible usage. In addition, 256-bit AES encryption adds further security.

Download Password Protection Manager

  • Lightweight and ultra slim 12 mm design

  • USB3.1 Gen1 interface with fast transfer rate of up to 5Gbps

  • Generous 1TB, 2TB storage capacity

  • Backup Manager 2 and other software for download

  • Compatible with Windows® and Mac

1TB, 2TB
Transfer Rate
Max. 5Gbps (USB3.1 Gen1) Max.480Mbps (USB2.0)
Compatible Devices
Windows®PC, Macintosh
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