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Ready to sharpen your senses and react faster for invincible gaming? Read on to find out how to set up and use your new INZONE gaming headset to maximum advantage.

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Whether your INZONE gaming headset is wireless or wired, connecting to your gaming device is simple. And thanks to low delay, with tight synchronisation of picture and sound, you’ll enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

Connecting to your PC, PS5 or smartphone
Connecting to Bluetooth devices
Features & customisation

Discover 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming

Activated using the INZONE Hub PC software, our 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming reproduces spatial sound out of multi-channel audio signals – just as the game creators intended. And with the 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer smartphone app, you’ll get spatial sound optimised to your ear shape for truly bespoke gameplay.

Personalise your gameplay

Our INZONE Hub PC software allows you to personalise your INZONE experience by customising a wide range of operations, including a variety of sound and hardware settings. Fine tune sound frequencies using the EQ function for more clarity and immersion when gaming.

Sound Field Personalisation

To enjoy the perfect audio for your ear shape, create a personalised hearing profile by taking photos of your ears using the smartphone app – 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer.

360 Spatial Sound Personalizer
Sound Tone Personalisation for INZONE Buds

Enjoy sound that’s optimised for your ear canal. INZONE Buds play test sounds from driver units and use feedback microphones to measure how the sound fills your ear canal. Then the INZONE Hub PC application uses this acoustic analysis to personalise your spatial listening experience.

Operating INZONE Buds

Touch sensors on our INZONE Buds offer intuitive fingertip control of a range of functions.

Operating INZONE headsets

Our INZONE H9, INZONE H5 and INZONE H3 headsets feature ergonomically designed control buttons and dials so you can easily change functions and adjust settings during a game. 

Support & FAQs

Firmware updates

Install the latest headset software using INZONE Hub to enjoy new functions or resolve certain issues.

Frequently asked questions

Got a question about your INZONE headset? Take a look at the most frequently asked questions from other INZONE headset users. You might find the answer you’re looking for.

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Support and news

Get the latest firmware update information, news, and alerts.