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​LinkBuds S headphones can go​

Ultra-lightweight and comfortable, Linkbuds S are designed to be worn all day. Here, you'll discover how to use and customise the range of features at your fingertips to stay connected to all your worlds and make the sound truly yours.

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Getting started
Using your headphones for the first time

There are three ways to pair your Linkbuds S to your device.

Google Fast Pair
Google Fast Pair

Just put your headphones into pairing mode near your Android phone and Fast Pair will connect them with a single tap.
​​Fast Pair also lets you easily locate where you left your headphones by tone sound, or checking their last known location in Google’s Find My Device app on your smartphone. 

Swift Pair
Swift Pair

Pop-up pairing guidance appears on nearby Windows 11 or Windows 10 devices when pairing mode is selected.

Manual Pairing
Manual Pairing

The first time you remove both earbuds from the charging case they will automatically enter pairing mode. Next time you want to pair, leave the earbuds in the charging case with the lid open. Press and hold the pairing button on the back of the charging case for about 5 seconds or more. The indicator on the charging case flashes twice in a row and the headset goes into pairing mode. You can remove the headset from the charging case after entering pairing mode.​​

Headphones connect
Get the most from your ​LinkBuds S with the
Sony | Headphones Connect app

Download the Sony | Headphones Connect app to adjust settings, including Ambient Sound settings, Noise Cancelling, Adaptive Sound Control, and more. Lots of the settings we mention on this page can be tailored to your preferences using the app.​

Touch Sensor Controls

The LinkBuds S headphones feature intuitive touch control settings. You can assign your own functions to each earbud using the Headphones Connect app.

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How to use the touch controls

Watch this video to find out how to control playback, volume, incoming calls, and more, using simple touch controls.

Multipoint Connection

Connect your headphones to two Bluetooth® devices simultaneously, so you can wait for an incoming call on one device while listening to music on the other. This feature requires you to update the firmware of the headphones, which you can do using the Headphones Connect app.​

Sound Features
Adaptive Sound Control 

With Adaptive Sound Control the Headphones Connect app detects what's happening around you and adjusts Noise Cancelling or Ambient Sound Control settings for you.

2 screens from the Headphones Connect app showing how to enter Adaptive Sound Control settings and how to turn on detection of actions
How to start and adjust Adaptive Sound Control

Just open the Headphones Connect App and switch it on to use its default detection mode. 

If you want to customise it even further, you can adjust Noise Cancelling or External Sound Capture preferences through the app.

Optimise the switching
Optimise the switching for you

This feature learns how you use the headphones while using Adaptive Sound Control and switches settings at an optimal time.

Just enable this setting and follow the on-screen prompt to sign into your Headphones Connect app account.

Action based settings

The Headphones Connect app detects what’s happening around you and what you’re doing. Then it adjusts settings like Noise Cancelling and Ambient Sound levels automatically. So, if you’re running, ambient sound levels might go up, then go down when you’re sitting in a cafe.

2 screens from the Headphones Connect app showing how to choose different action modes and change the settings to your liking
How to get started with Action based settings

In your Headphones Connect app, within the Adaptive Sound Control setting, “Detection of Actions” will begin with the default detection settings. ​

You can stick with default settings or change them to your liking, for example, putting Ambient Sound levels up when you're walking to hear the world around you.

Noise Cancelling and Focus on Voice

Shut the world off and hear only what you want to hear – from nothing at all to voices only.

How to adjust Noise Cancelling

Don't miss out on your favourite sounds, no matter where you are. Adaptive Sound Control can cancel external noise, while also letting in voices so you don’t miss important announcements, for example, on your daily commute.

Noise cancelling
Changing settings by location

Set up your headphones to change settings to your liking at the locations you visit frequently.

AR Gaming​

Try a new sound experience with Augmented Reality Gaming, which delivers sounds from different directions for truly immersive gameplay.​

AR Gaming
A new gaming experience​

Gamers, you'll want to try this new feature! Using a new sensor, spatial sound technology, and head tracking, LinkBuds S deliver incredibly immersive sound when you play Augmented Reality games, such as ‘Ingress’ from Niantic.
When you can hear sound delivered from different directions according to the action in the game, you can improve your accuracy and gain the competitive edge.
To try it out, download the “Ingress Prime” app on your smartphone and play the game while wearing your LinkBuds S headphones.


Set up your headphones so that when you want to have a conversation, all you need to do is start talking.

Sound quality

Fine-tune your equaliser settings and adjust your streaming and upscaling settings for a better listening experience that suits your taste.

Get the sound just right

Find the sound that’s perfect for you and for everything you listen to, with an equaliser, high-quality Bluetooth settings and audio upscaling from DSEE Extreme.

Discover sound from all around

Find out how to try a whole new sound experience with revolutionary 360 Reality Audio.

Immerse yourself in sound all around you with 360 Reality Audio

360 Reality Audio is an immersive music experience that lets your Linkbuds S headphones create a 360-degree spherical sound field — so you can enjoy music from every direction. Just head to the Sony | Headphones Connect app to get started.

How to listen to 360 Reality Audio

Get started with 360 Reality Audio and find out how to stream 360 Reality Audio tracks on your phone.

Convenience Features​

Learn how the Voice Assistant, Quick Access, Wearing Sensor and Quick charging functions work.​

Voice Assistant

Find out how to use the Voice Assistant on your Linkbuds S headphones. It's as easy as asking, "Hey Google, what is the weather today?" to know whether you need to grab your coat on the way out.

2 screens from the Headphones Connect app showing how to open Voice Assistant settings and how to select the assistant of your choice.
How to set up Voice Assistant

Open your Headphones Connect App and activate your Voice Assistant from the System tab. Then just select the Voice Assistant you normally use (Google, Alexa, Siri) to get started.

Quick access customisation

Access your favourite music and soundscapes - quickly.​

Quick Access to your favourite music and soundscapes

With Quick Access, you can configure these headphones to resume Spotify music playback or Endel personalised soundscapes with two or three taps – no need to touch your smartphone.

​​In the System menu, find the Quick Access setting. Select the cog icon to adjust what the Quick Access function does. E.g. Double tap to resume Spotify.

Spotify tap
Wearing Sensor

Instant pause. Instant play.

Wearing sensor

If you need to take your earbuds out for a moment, the music will automatically pause. When you put them back in again, the music will resume where you left off.​

wearing sensor
Quick charging

Listen all day, charge in minutes.​

Quick charging
Quick charging

In a hurry? Just 5 minutes of quick charging gives you up to 60 minutes of play time, and the Headphones Connect app will even notify you when your charging case drops below 30%.​

Aftercare & support
Cleaning your headphones

Find out how to keep your Linkbuds S headphones clean the right way, without damaging them.

4 images showing, the connectors on each earbud, how to clean an earbud, where they sit int he carry case and how to clean them in the carry case.
Keeping your headphones clean

When the headset exterior is dirty, wipe it clean with a soft dry cloth. If the headset is particularly dirty, soak a cloth in diluted neutral detergent, and wring it well before using it to clean the headset. Do not use solvents such as thinner, benzene, or alcohol, as they may damage the finish on the surface of the headset or cause other damages.​

Firmware updates

Keep your headphones up-to-date with the latest firmware releases.​

Latest firmware update

​When using the Sony | Headphones Connect app, it will let you know when there is a new update to download.

​​Make sure you have the latest firmware updated on your headphones so any bug fixes and improvements will be applied.

firmware update

Commonly asked questions

Have a question that needs answering? Check here first and learn about the most frequently asked questions from other LinkBuds S ear bud users.

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