Stand out from the streaming crowd
Sony HandyCam®
- the perfect choice for remote streaming

Gorgeous image quality; fast, reliable autofocus; crisp audio – the same factors that set Sony HandyCam® apart from the competition also make it the ideal choice when you're streaming remotely.

Image of Sony Handycam connected to a laptop to live stream
Professional-level video and audio quality make live-streaming a pleasure to watch

Capturing the action reliably and beautifully is what the Sony HandyCam® was designed to do, making it ideal for live-streaming any sort of event, whether it's a live performance, a back-and-forth interview or an interactive presentation.

Image of a woman watching footage on the Sony Handycam’s monitor
Add pre-recorded footage for streaming with a professional touch

Using pre-recorded video content in your live stream adds a whole new level of engagement, and Sony HandyCam® makes everything easy, from advance shooting to remote-stream setup and presentation.

Made for movies

Loaded with advanced movie-making features, Sony HandyCam® brings live-streaming to a new level.

Image of the Sony Handycam
Stunning image quality to captivate your audience

High-resolution 4K capture brings out details and adds a sense of presence that simply can't be matched with typical built-in or external webcams.

Image of a lecture taking place
Wide angle and extensive zoom range

Wide-angle shooting provides a stronger sense of presence in settings like lecture halls, and you can zoom in to narrow the scope when appropriate. A clear, tilting LCD screen makes it easy to adjust the angle of view.

Image of a smiling woman
Stay in sharp focus, automatically

Sony's advanced autofocus technology means you'll never have to worry about staying in focus. It tracks movement precisely and accurately, responding instantly to any shift in position.

Deliver your message clearly with pro-level audio
Image of the Sony Handycam with animation of sound being broadcast from it
High-quality microphones built in

HandyCam® built-in microphones are designed to capture clear, true-to-life sound while prioritising voices.

Image of the Sony Handycam with an external microphone
External microphones to suit any requirement

Standard mic inputs and a range of optional external microphones provide professional audio options for any live stream.

Image of the Sony Handycam’s high-capacity battery
High-capacity batteries for long shooting sessions

Detachable, large-capacity battery packs for your HandyCam® enable extended shoots of up to 235 minutes wherever you are.

Image of AC adapter
AC adaptors for all-day shoots

With an AC adaptor you can shoot as long as you like without the need for a battery pack. 

Image of the Sony Handycam’s large LCD monitor
Large LCD monitors help set the scene 

The large LCD touchscreen on HandyCam® models makes it easy to adjust lighting and colour balance, for a great-looking live stream, and the flip-around design makes it easy to precisely frame shots – even from in front of the camera.

Professional streaming solutions

Sony offers professional solutions that take advantage of cutting-edge video, audio and streaming technologies to deliver an optimal experience in remote-streaming environments.