High Power Home Audio System with BLUETOOTH® technology

Picture of High Power Home Audio System with BLUETOOTH® technology


€ 669.00

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Images of High Power Home Audio System with BLUETOOTH® technology
Images of High Power Home Audio System with BLUETOOTH® technology
Put some power behind your bass

Big parties need a big sound system. With the Sound Pressure Horn, the MHC-V7D can deliver 1550W level sound pressure (1440W RMS, 105.5dB SPL) from a vertical, space-saving box design. Put your spin on the party with fun gesture control—change up the LED speaker lights, add DJ effects, or simply skip a track in one simple move.

1550W level sound pressure

Add impact to all your music with 1550W of sound.

Built for big bass

A 25cm (9.8”) woofer cone delivers resounding, bass-heavy beats.

One box, big sound

Enjoy big system sound from a compact, vertical one-box design.

Smart High Power
Smart High Power

Our energy efficient Sound Pressure Horn generates greater acoustic pressure at lower power outputs – so it’s better for both the sound and the environment.

Hear more in every track

Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE)

DSEE upscales compressed digital music files (MP3, ACC, ATRAC, and WMA). It restores the highs and lows lost in compression, producing rich sound closer CD quality.

Switch up the party with one simple move

Enjoy easy gesture control

Customise your party soundtrack with the fun gesture control feature. Skip tracks, adjust volume, and add DJ and lighting effects—all with the wave of a hand.

Feel the music, see the colour

Give the dance floor an authentic party atmosphere with a vivid, multi-coloured light display from the LED speakers. The MHC-V7D features speaker lights that project out on to your ceiling, wall, or floor. Choose from a dot or line pattern that synchronises with the beat of the music.

Get connected

Play your favourite songs and playlists from selcted smartphones through the MHC-V7D. Simply use NFC One-touch to make a Bluetooth® connection and get streaming instantly.

Wireless hi-fi system with NFC and Bluetooth
Control your hi-fi system with the Fiestable app
Stay in control of the party

Download the Fiestable app to control the speaker lights, add DJ effects, enjoy voice playback, or simply skip to or cue the next song—all from your smartphone.

Pump up the party

Get the dance floor jumping with great party features. Get creative with a wide range of DJ effects—from panning sound across speakers and isolating vocals to adding flanger and WAH, as well as sampling and scratching effects. And with Party Chain, you can hook up and sync multiple systems with audio cables for even bigger sound.

Wireless hi-fi system with a DVD player and Karaoke features
Unleash your inner popstar

Host epic Karaoke battles with two mic outputs and a range of features, including Karaoke-PON mode, which quietens CD vocals so you can sing along.

Break out your movie collection

Enjoy your favourite DVDs with the MHC-V7D

With a built-in DVD player it’s simple to watch all your favourite films. Connect the system to your TV and optimise your sound with three enhancement settings.

Boost your bass

Simply fire up MEGA BASS to take your beats and favourite action scenes to the next level.

Football mode
Put yourself pitch-side

Enhance the natural ambient noise of sporting events as you watch them with Football mode. You can even turn down the commentary and feel like part of the crowd.

Listen loud and clear

Listen to music in brilliant clarity with ClearAudio+. This is a collection of Sony audio technologies that optimises playback for all your music.

Control your hi-fi system with the SongPal app
Remote control gets smart with SongPal

A world of music in your hands

The SongPal app allows you to easily and intuitively manage your listening experience. Simply install it on your mobile phone to take control of music playback, device settings and more—all through one app.

Plug in, play, transfer

Dual USB ports and a dustproof CD drive

Easily copy and transfer songs from a CD to a USB or from one USB to another without a PC. You can play your favourite MP3s, re-discover your old CDs, or create party playlists.

Wireless hi-fi system with dual USB ports and CD drive
Wireless hi-fi system with two audio inputs
Two audio inputs

Whether you’re watching or playing, you’ll be able to give all of your audio a boost by connecting the MHC-V7D to your TV, games console, and more.

Wireless hi-fi system with FM radio
FM radio

Tune in to your favourite shows or live DJ sets with FM radio.

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Specifications & Features

Big parties need a big sound system. Featuring the efficient new Sound Pressure Horn, the MHC-V7D delivers soul-shaking bass from a vertical, space-saving box design. Throw club-style illuminations on your ceiling or wall and use fun and easy gesture control to turn up the volume, skip the next track and experiment with DJ effects.
  • New Sound Pressure Horn for powerful bass you can feel

  • Fun and intuitive handling with Gesture Control

  • LED light display and DJ effects creates a party atmosphere

  • Control the music and party features with the Fiestable app

  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity with NFC One-touch

Power Output - Music Power
Input and Output Terminals
Analog Audio Input (2), Analog Audio Output (1), Composite Video Output (1), Microphone Input 2 (6φ), USB Port (2)
Main Unit Size (W x H x D)
340mm x 924mm x 320mm

What's in the Box

AC Cord, FM Antenna, Battery (AAA/Manganese), Remote Control (RMT-AM120U)

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