Masters of light

Sony televisions reproduce a wider range of brightness, which more closely reflects the real world than most other TVs. And with wider and better contrast, more detail and natural colours appear too.

The secret behind Sony 4K HDR

4K High Dynamic Range

High Dynamic Range is the new standard for picture quality, offering a much wider range of colour, contrast and clarity. A Sony 4K HDR TV improves the picture even further, using technologies like 4K X-Reality PRO™, X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO and TRILUMINOS Display™ to reveal previously unavailable levels of realism, making you really feel a part of the scene.

Without Sony 4K HDR
With Sony 4K HDR
Sony 4K HDR
Standard Dynamic Range
Unrivalled contrast – deeper black, brighter lights.

Backlight Master Drive™ 

The Backlight Master Drive™ can display an unprecedented dynamic range with incredibly deep black and dazzling lights, powered by the 4K HDR Processor X1™ Extreme. This backlight system has an ultra-dense LED structure, a unique local dimming algorithm and optical design.

Backlight Master Drive
Backlight control

Discrete LED control

Absolute control, total artistry

To get the best out of the Backlight Master Drive™, a new, innovative algorithm controls the ultra-dense LED structure. Each LED is discretely controlled, creating a spectacularly accurate picture.

Light where it’s needed

Calibrated beam LED design

The Backlight Master Drive™ has a unique design which gathers LED lights in one spot, reducing light diffusion and the flare effect that can be seen on other full-array LED TVs. It ensures that each LED emits a straight beam for a clear picture which display vivid lights and dark blacks.

Conventional design
Conventional design
Calibrated beam LED design
Calibrated beam LED design
Amazingly bright, incredibly slim

Slim Backlight Drive+

Our innovative Slim Backlight Drive+ cleverly guides light to where it’s needed most on screen. It provides exceptional brightness and deeper blacks than a conventional LED TV in an ultra slim design.

How the Slim Backlight Drive+ works

The dual layer edge backlighting structure directs light where its needed

The Slim Backlight Drive+ has two layers of light guide plates, allowing precise local dimming control and improving quality over a conventional edge- LED TV. Our unique quad-edge LED structure and X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO backlighting algorithm brings superior brightness and beautiful contrast from an incredibly slim form.

Conventional edge LED
Conventional edge LED
Conventional full-array LED
Conventional full-array LED
Slim Backlight Drive
Slim Backlight Drive
Capturing the full range of dark and light

X-tended Dynamic Range PRO™

By precisely balancing the light output across the screen, dimming some areas and boosting others, X-tended Dynamic Range PRO™ reveals a brightness range several times that of a conventional LED-backlit TV, and it enhances any source to near HDR quality with a wider range of brightness.

X-tended Dynamic Range PRO
Conventioanl TV
Peak performance

How X-tended Dynamic Range PRO™ works

With extraordinary precision in backlight control, X-tended Dynamic Range PRO makes darker areas darker and brighter scenes brighter – revitalising every scene with the widest range of brightness possible.

How X-tended Dynamic Range PRO works
Superior technology, incredible contrast

With a choice of backlight technology and the magic of X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO, our televisions fill every scene with extraordinary contrast for true-to-life viewing.


XDR contrast 16 times

Backlight Master Drive™
X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO


XDR contrast 10 times

Slim Backlight Drive+
X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO


XDR contrast 5 times

X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO

Optimising brightness, frame by frame

4K Processor X1™ with Dynamic Contrast Enhancer

4K TVs with the 4K Processor X1 dramatically improve the brightness range, even without X-tended Dynamic Range PRO. This is thanks to Dynamic Contrast Enhancer, which optimises the range of brightness frame by frame according to what’s happening on screen.

Experience a greater range of brightness

With the 4K Processor X1 chip you'll see more bright and more black in every picture

With 4K Processor X1
Without 4K Processor X1