H1 Balanced Armature In-ear Headphones

Picture of H1 Balanced Armature In-ear Headphones


€ 113.00

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Images of H1 Balanced Armature In-ear Headphones
Images of H1 Balanced Armature In-ear Headphones
Images of H1 Balanced Armature In-ear Headphones
Intro to innovation

Developed with musicians’ demanding requirements in mind, the XBA-H1 delivers crystalline vocals and deeply satisfying bass, due to its innovative hybrid driver set-up.

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Hybrid Driver system

The pairing of Dynamic and Balanced Armature drivers is designed to maximise rich bass, smooth mids and clear treble, for true tonal fidelity.

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Earbud options

Comfortable foamed silicone earbuds come in three sizes, so you can be assured of a snug and slip-free fit—plus minimised ambient noise.

A sonic leap forwards

Enjoy sound engineered to delight

The XBA-H1 employs a powerful combination of a 9 mm Dynamic driver as well as a Balanced Armature driver to produce stunning tonal clarity across the full range of audible frequencies.

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Ingenuity of design

In addition to superlative audio performance, the XBA-H1 in-ear headphones were designed with several key features for comfort and customisability, including vibration-suppressing housing and tangle-proof cords.

Specifications & Features

  • Hybrid Driver system for deep bass and clear highs

  • Includes soft pouch for convenient and tangle-free travel

  • Beat Response Control reduces heavy bass distortion

  • Comfortable, secure-fitting silicone earbuds

  • Lightweight for ultimate music mobility

Driver Unit
Hybrid 2-way
Frequency Response
Cord Length
1.2 m

What's in the Box

Hybrid silicone rubber earbuds (SS x2, S x2, M x2, L x2 sizes), Foamed silicone earbuds (SS x2, S x2, M x2, L x2 sizes), Carrying case, Clip, Cord adjuster

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