Soft Carrying Case

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€ 45.80

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  • Designed for Compact System Cameras (NEX)Comfortably store a Compact System Camera (NEX) and E-mount lens; with a loop attached to the case, you’re ready to go anywhere

  • Pack a wide-angle or standard E-mount lensSuitable for a Compact System Camera (NEX) with a wide-angle or 16-50mm E-mount lens attached so you’re ready to shoot in seconds

  • Protect all your camera kitProtect your camera body, LCD display and E-mount lens against scratches, dust and even light rain

  • Soft, cushioned interiorThe carry case has a cushioned interior to help protect the camera’s internal mechanics from bumps and knocks

  • Enjoy the freedom to shoot from a tripodUse when the camera is attached to a tripod so you can keep everything safe while you search for the perfect shot

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