Images of External Battery Adaptor for Flash
Images of External Battery Adaptor for Flash


High-speed continuous shooting, 0.6 seconds charge time

Cycle times of less than 0.6 seconds provide the speed that professionals need for continuous shooting.

Fast battery replacement

A battery magazine system allows fast battery replacement. The battery magazine can be inserted in any orientation, minimising fumbling and lost time. Eight AA batteries are stored (It can be used with four AA batteries). The External Battery Adaptor for Flash (FA-EBA1) takes priority so that minimal demand is placed on the internal HVL-F60RM batteries.

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Over 660 continuous flashes

660 continuous flashes can be produced with fully charged batteries, providing the endurance needed for demanding professional applications.

Professional reliability

To meet professional use, reliability is enhanced. For example, cable stress relief have been carefully designed for maximum durability (see illustration). Seals around enclosure joints and a rubber magazine lid gasket minimise the possibility of dust or moisture intrusion.


  • Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 77 x 174 x 23mm (3 1/8 x 6 7/8 x 29/32 inches)

  • Power source: Eight AA-size alkaline or Ni-MH batteries (Can be used with four AA batteries)

  • Weight Approx. 249g (8.8 oz) (only main unit)

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