Experience stunning clarity, vibrant colours and energy efficiency with our flat screen LED TVs. Explore the complete range below, and find the perfect model for your home.

Sharper, smoother, more natural images

Open your eyes to brilliant picture quality with our LED televisions. Select models within our range feature 4K processing – that’s 8 million pixels worth of detail – for a picture that’s sharp and clear, even close-up. Images leap off the screen with  LED 3D TVs, and Motionflow XR makes the fastest action sequences look flawless.

Sharp images on smart LED TV from Sony
Futuristic design of Sony's best LED TV
The Shape of Quality

Innovative design is par for the course with our LED televisions. The unique wedge shape of select models saves space and increases speaker capacity for richer sound. Those seeking a more immersive experience can try one of our gently curved  LED 3D TVs. The subtle arc improves your view, surrounding you in a stunning visual display.