Images of Micro USB Charging and Transfer Cable
Images of Micro USB Charging and Transfer Cable


Wide diameter cable for faster charging

Sony’s wider diameter cables offer a faster charging speed. With compatible devices, Sony's USB cables support up to 2.4A input/output, for five times faster charging than other cables.  

Up to 480Mbps transfer speed USB 2.0 

Enjoy the fastest data transfers to your USB2.0 devices with speeds up to 480Mbps

Long-lasting and durable

Sony USB cables  last three times longer than conventional USB cables thanks to their wide diameter and the use of quality materials. Tested to withstand over 10,000 bends and 10,000 connection cycles, for safe and reliable performance with both charging and data transfer.

Compatible with USB Type-A and Micro USB

Charge and transfer data from USB Type-A ports to a wide range of Micro USB devices.

Ideal for home and office use

Available in a convenient 1.0 m (3.28 ft) length, this cable is ideal for office or home use. Use it for PC data transfer or USB charging from wall-plug AC adaptors, portable battery chargers and car chargers.

Designed for safer charging

Sony USB cables are USB-IF (USB 2.0) compliant for enhanced safety, dramatically reducing the risk of fire, overheating and disconnections compared with other USB cables.

  • Wide diameter cable for fast charging

  • Up to 480Mbps transfer speed (USB 2.0)

  • Lasts long due to high durability

  • Charge and transfer data between USB Type-A to Micro USB devices

  • Long cable for various usage, 1.0m (Approx. 3.28 ft)

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