Images of SF-UX Series SD Memory Card

Helps recover your data

Enjoy the relief of recovery. Download File Rescue software to easily restore photos and videos saved to Sony memory media.

Stunning slideshows

With x-Pict Story™, it's easy to bring your photos to life. Captivate your audience with visual effects and a customized soundtrack.

High reliability

Your most precious files require maximum reliability. Ensure ultimate durability with Sony memory media products.

Specifications & Features
Make the most of your camera with the SFUX series SD memory card.Ideal for HD recording, read speed up to 94MB/s. Write speed up to 45MB/s (16GB model), up to 22MB/s (8GB model).
  • Enjoy the convenience of fast read speed. Read speed up to 94MB/s.

  • Works with File Rescue software to save compromised data

  • For 32GB or larger capacity models, please see SF-UX2 series

UHS-I (SDR104)
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