Learn more about the additional functions

Find out what the additional functions are after updating your XAV-601BT/-701BT/-741.

But before you get started, you'll need to check if you have the latest firmware:

  • Select Settings from Home Menu
  • Select General Settings
  • Select Firmware Version
  • Confirm "JR08_xav_1.13.003" is displayed.

If a different version number is displayed, please first update your model to the latest update.
For the XAV-601BT
For the XAV-701BT
For the XAV-741

Additional functions


  • Adding the MirrorLink Full Screen mode
    • It can enable you to utilize MirrorLink™ application on larger screen by "Full-screen mode".
    • You can select the Full-screen mode or Normal mode by setting menu. (Default setting is Full-screen mode.)
      Normal modeFull-screen mode
  • Adding controllability by remote commander
    • MirrorLink application projected on AVC screen can be controlled by the remote commander in addition to touch control.
    • Availability of this function depends on the Smartphone and the Smartphone's application. Availability information will be described in the new compatibility list.

User Interface

  • Newly added button "return to playback screen of current source" from home
    • "Zone x Zone button" on the current Home screen will be replaced with it for improvement of usability.
    • Zone x Zone setting will be available in setting menu instead of setting it from the home screen.

      Current design

      New Firmware

      New Firmware
      Zone x Zone setting in the setting menu

Bluetooth Hands-free phone (except XAV-741)

  • Maximum number of Stored contact change
    • This function is only available for BT models.
    • You can store up to 1000 contacts instead of 500 contacts as defined in current spec.

Voice command (except XAV-741)

  • Voice command equipped in Smartphone can be activated via "Home" key of the AVC
    • This function is only available with Bluetooth models.
    • Availability of voice command(Siri, Google voice and voice dial etc) function depends on the Smartphone.
      Press 2 sec.

Voice command (XAV-701BT)

  • "HOME" key is currently assigned for "ATT"
  • "Voice command" or "ATT ON/OFF" is either-or option
  • To activate Voice command, you need to change the key assignment from the General setting. ("voicecommand" should be selected)