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Why is the bass sound distorted

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The TV tunes the bass sound to gain high so that the customer can feel rich bass sound. So when the TV has an excessive input at bass range, the bass sound may be distorted.

Please try to change either or both of the following settings:

1. Change [Sound Mode] to "Standard".
Press [Option] button on the remote --> [Sound] --> [Sound Mode] --> Change to "Standard"

2. Decrease [Bass] level.
Press [Option] button on the remote --> [Sound] --> [Bass] -->Press the left arrow button on the remote.

Applicable models
KDL-22EX550    KDL-40HX855
KDL-22EX553    KDL-46EX650
KDL-22EX555    KDL-46EX653
KDL-26EX550    KDL-46EX655
KDL-26EX553    KDL-46HX750
KDL-26EX555    KDL-46HX751
KDL-32EX650    KDL-46HX753
KDL-32EX653    KDL-46HX755
KDL-32EX655    KDL-46HX756
KDL-32HX750    KDL-46HX757
KDL-32HX751    KDL-46HX758
KDL-32HX753    KDL-46HX759
KDL-32HX755    KDL-46HX75G
KDL-32HX757    KDL-46HX850
KDL-32HX758    KDL-46HX853
KDL-32HX759    KDL-46HX855
KDL-40EX650    KDL-55HX750
KDL-40EX653    KDL-55HX751
KDL-40EX655    KDL-55HX753
KDL-40HX750    KDL-55HX755
KDL-40HX751    KDL-55HX75G
KDL-40HX753    KDL-55HX850
KDL-40HX755    KDL-55HX853
KDL-40HX756    KDL-55HX855
KDL-40HX757    KDL-55HX950
KDL-40HX758    KDL-55HX953
KDL-40HX759    KDL-55HX955
KDL-40HX75G    KDL-65HX950
KDL-40HX850    KDL-65HX953
KDL-40HX853    KDL-65HX955