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How to transfer pictures wirelessly to an Android device.

    IMPORTANT:The PlayMemories Mobile app must be installed on your mobile device. For details, refer to the following website.
    PlayMemories Mobile support page:

    Turn on the camera.

    1. Press the Playback button.
    2. Press the MENU button.
    3. Select Playback icon.
    4. Select View on Smartphone.
    5. Select one of the desired displayed options.
      • This Image
      • All Images on This Date
      • All Images in The Device

      NOTE: The SSID, Password, and Device Name appears on the camera LCD screen after selecting the desired option.

    6. On the Android device, start the PlayMemories Mobile app.


      • You do not need to set the Wi-Fi access point on the Android device. Simply make sure the Wi-Fi function is turned on.
      • The PlayMemories Mobile app displays the SSID of the camera when started.
    7. Touch the camera SSID icon displayed on the screen of the Android device.
    8. Type the password displayed on the LCD screen of the camera into the Android device.


      • A message saying CONNECTING displays on the Android device after entering the password.
      • After the wireless connection is established, thumbnail images from the camera display in the app.
      • Multiple devices running the app cannot connect to the camera at the same time. A Connecting message may display on the other devices, but a connection will not be established. The camera only connects to the device that first accesses the app.
    9. Touch the thumbnail images of the pictures you want to transfer.
    10. Touch COPY.

      NOTE: The camera automatically disconnects from the Android device after the transfer is complete.