Article ID : 00167978 / Last Modified : 03/30/2021

The computer does not recognize the USB connection from a Sony camcorder.

    Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue:


    1. Remove the USB cable from both the camcorder and computer.

    2. Make sure the USB ports on both the camcorder and computer are not dusty or dirty.

    3. Make sure the USB cable is securely connected to the camcorder.

    4. Make sure the other end of the USB cable is securely connected directly to the USB port on the computer.


      • Connect your camcorder to the computer using the supplied USB cable or the built-in USB cable.
      • Make theImagemark face upwards and completely insert the cable.
      • When it is difficult to connect with the built-in USB cable due to insufficient length, connect a USB connection  support cable.
      • It may not be possible to import using a USB cable made by another manufacturer even if you are capable of charging it.
      • Connection through a USB hub is not supported.
      • You cannot import to the computer via HDMI connection.
    5. Disconnect any other USB devices (except for the mouse and keyboard) from the computer.

    6. Turn off the camcorder for 30 seconds.

    7. After 30 seconds, turn the camcorder on again.


      • If you have a camcorder with USB Streaming capability, you may also need to turn on the USB Streaming feature in the camcorder menu. However, not all camcorders with a USB connection support USB Streaming.
      • After being turned on, some camcorder models require you to select USB CONNECT or COMPUTER on the LCD screen.
      • If necessary, refer to the camcorder instruction manual for further information.
    8. Check the LCD screen of the camcorder.

      • If USB connected, MTP connected, or Mass Storage connected is displayed on the LCD screen of the camcorder. The camcorder is recognized by the computer.
      • If Check the connected device is displayed on the LCD screen of the camcorder. After being recognized by a computer once, there is a possibility that the connection is canceled because a USB cable is disconnected or has lost the connection, etc. Reconnect the USB cable.
      • If USB SELECT is displayed on the LCD screen of the camcorder. Touch USB Connect. When there are more than one USB Connect, touch USB Connect of the media you'd like to import among  Image (Internal Memory), Image  (Internal hard disk), Image (Memory Card).
    9. Change USB Connect Setting and USB LUN Setting of the camcorder. (Only for camcorders released after 2011.)
      Follow the steps below to change settings.

      • Change MENU - Setup - USB Connect Setting - Mass Storage.
      • Change MENU - Setup - USB LUN Setting - Single.
    10. If the issue is still not resolved, connect to another USB port on your computer. If the camera is not recognized even after you connect to another USB port, try to reboot the computer.

      IMPORTANT: For a computer running a Windows operating system, you should also try uninstalling and then reinstalling the USB driver .

    11. If still not resolved, it may be necessary to replace the USB cable.

    12. If you have completed all of the steps above, replaced the USB cable and the issue is still not resolved, try connecting the camcorder to another computer.

      NOTE: If the issue does not occur with another computer, then the USB ports on the first computer may not be configured properly or there may be installed software that is interfering with the connection. In these situations, you will need to contact your computer manufacturer for further assistance troubleshooting the computer.

    The troubleshooting steps listed above should resolve your issue. If the issue does occur with another computer, the Sony camcorder may require service.