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Unable to hear a ringtone when receiving an incoming call

    If after double-checking your cellular phone is not in Silent mode (or has its volume set to a very low level) you do not hear a ringtone through the car speakers connected to your Bluetooth audio system when receiving a phone call, it might be because the Ringtone is set to 2 (the cellular phone ringtone) instead of 1 (the car stereo ringtone). Follow the steps below to correct this:

    1. While in the BT Phone function, press the Call button.
    2. Rotate the control dial and then select Ringtone.
    3. Change the Ringtone option to 1.
    4. To exit the menu, press the Back button.

    NOTE:If you are using RM-X7BT, also check the following.

    • Check that the adaptor is connected to the car audio unit with the AUX cable.
    • Check that the source of the car audio unit is set to the AUX source.