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Images are not sharp (Digital Camera)

Images are not sharp

    First check that:

    • The lens is not dirty. If is dirty, clean it with a soft dry cloth (microfiber).
    • It is not related to a focus issue (ensure camera is set to auto focus).
    • Also note that under certain conditions, it is difficult for the camera to set the proper focus automatically:
      • Dark environment (the Autofocus system requires a minimum illumination to work properly, otherwise it cannot adjust properly or fast enough).
      • A subject that is low in contrast, such as blue sky or a white wall.
        Fast moving subject (e.g. children, pets, sport event).
      • When using the zoom (tele setting).
      • Depending on the lens subjects which are closer than the minimum focus distance of the lens cannot be focussed. For your reference the minimum focus distance is either printed on the front or the side of the lens on a dedicated focusing scale.

      focusing distance label

      • Some lighting conditions require that using the manual setting of the camera is necessary. If the shooting conditions are not suitable for Autofocus operation, adjust the focus manually.

    If this does not solve the problem, reset the camera:

    1. Press the "MENU" button on the camera
    2. Go to "Setup Menu"
    3. Select "Initialize"
    4. Select "Reset" to confirm

    Then perform the following test:

    1. Turn the camera on and set the camera in AUTO mode.

    auto mode switch

    2. Take a test image of an object 1 meter away from the camera in a bright environment, with the zoom set to wide (W).

    test image

    3. Press the shutter release button half way until the camera adjusts the focus, then press the shutter release button.