Article ID : 00086726 / Last Modified : 06/27/2019

Overview of devices supporting TV SideView

    Visit the following link to find an overview of devices (TVs, Blu-ray Disc/DVD Players and more) which support TV SideView: Which devices are compatible with TV SideView feature?

    Please keep in mind that you can only enjoy TV SideView if you possess a smartphone, tablet or VAIO computer with following configuration.

    • Smartphone
      * Android OS 2.3 or later
      * iOS 6, 7

    • Tablet
      * Android OS 4.0 or later
      * iOS 6, 7

    • VAIO with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 pre-installed

    For more compatibility information on mobile, home and wearable devices, visit the TV SideView page.