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How can I shoot a Motion Shot Video?

    Motion Shot Video allows you to play back a recorded movie like a series of photos.
    When you select Motion Shot Video during movie playback, your device will automatically detect moving objects or subjects and overlay each frame to display a sequence of images.


    You can also adjust the image tracking interval to match the speed of the subject's movements.


    [1] Short interval
    [2] Long interval

    Playing back Motion Shot Video
    The playback operation may vary depending on your model. If the steps outlined below do not match the steps on your device, refer to the instruction manual supplied with your product, or consult the online Help Guide by visiting the Sony Support website and search for your model.

    Handycam camcorder
    How to use → Playback → Editing images from the playback screen → Viewing trajectory of a moving object (Motion Shot Video)

    Cyber-shot cameras
    How to use → Viewing → Playing back movies → Motion Shot Video

    Hints & tips

    • With the Motion Shot Video function, your device will detect and capture all of the moving objects visible in the frame.
      You can therefore achieve a more effective image when there is only one moving object.
    • image
    • It is easier to perform overlay processing for moving objects are captured at a far away distance, rather than up close.
    • If there are any moving objects in the background, or under low-light conditions such as a night scene, it is more difficult for your device to recognize the background and you may not be able to achieve satisfactory results.
    • image
    • If the subject on the monitor is too large, it is more difficult for the product to detect its movement and you may not be able to obtain satisfactory results.
    • image
    • If the subject is moving slowly or almost not at all, the trajectories may not be plottable.


    Adjusting the image tracking interval
    You can set the interval from Level 1 to Level 7.

    • Far left (Level 1): For objects moving at a high speed
    • Centre (Level 4): For objects moving at a medium speed
    • Far right (Level 7): For objects moving at a low speed


    • Motion Shot Videos cannot be saved as movies. If you are using a Cyber-shot digital still camera, you cannot capture or save still images from the playback screen.
    • If you are using a Handycam camcorder, you can capture still images from the movie and save them.
    • There is no audio output during the playback of Motion Shot Video.
    • Motion Shot Video is only compatible with AVCHD and MP4 movie formats.