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When playing back network contents (video/music/photos), the TV is slow, playback stops, loading repeats, or block noise appears.

    These problems occur during playback when the speed of your network decreases or is not sufficient. Many things can cause lower speeds, so check for the following common cases.

    The following might help:

    1. Try restarting your network devices (router/wireless router/modem).
    2. The Wi-Fi signal between your wireless router and the TV - or the device you are playing content from - might be weak.
      • Try connecting to wired (Ethernet) LAN and see if the situation improves. If it's the case, the Wi-Fi signal reaching the TV is not strong enough.
      • Unplug the LAN cable and move the TV and the wireless router closer together. Then, see if there is an improvement.
        NOTE: Bringing them too close can also weaken the signal, so separate them by at least 1 meter.
      • Also, other wireless devices might be causing interference. Turn off other wireless devices or separate them from the TV and wireless router.

        If there is still no improvement, connect the wireless router and the TV via LAN cable.
    3. A wireless device other than the TV might be using the Internet at the same time, using up a share of the connection bandwidth.
      This can cause the network speed of the TV to slow down. Check whether suspending Internet usage on other devices improves the situation.
    4. There might be too many people trying to view the same content at the same time.
      • Try viewing other Internet contents. If they can be viewed smoothly, try accessing the original content later.
      • If loading is also slow with other Internet contents, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might be experiencing high traffic. Try again when the traffic is likely to be less busy.
    5. The original video quality of the Internet content might be bad.
      Video quality might depend on the resolution, bitrate, etc. Low-resolution contents will not provide a good viewing experience.