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How to turn on or off the BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode of the portable speaker.

    The BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode allows you to automatically turn on the portable speaker just by setting a Bluetooth device or a network device to connect to the portable speaker. Follow the steps below to enable or disable this mode:


    • The BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode can be set only when the portable speaker is connected to an AC outlet using the supplied USB AC adapter.
    • The start-up time of the portable speaker is shorter when turned on with the BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode than when the portable speaker is turned on using the ImagePower/ImagePairing button on standby mode.

    How to set the auto standby mode using the portable speaker.

    To enable the BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode

    1. Connect the speaker to the AC outlet via the USB AC adaptor, then turn the speaker on.
      The Image (power) indicator lights up in green.
    2. Press and hold the  Image(power)/ImagePAIRING button and the FUNCTION button simultaneously until the  Image(power) indicator lights up in orange.


    [A]BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode ON
    [B]BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode OFF

    To disable the BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode

    With the speaker turned on, press and hold the Image (power)/ ImagePAIRING button and the FUNCTION button simultaneously.
    When the indicator lights up in red, the BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode is turned off and the speaker enters the standby mode.

    How to set the auto standby mode using the Music Center (SongPal) app.

    1. Tap Music Center on your smartphone, iPhone, etc. to start up the application.

      Music Center logo
    2. Tap SRS-HG1.

      Tap SRS-HG1
    3. Tap Settings.

    4. Tap System.

      Tap System

    5. Tap Network Standby.
      Set the BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode to on/off.

      Network Standby