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The battery life of my remote is short or the batteries drain too quickly

    Battery life shortens depending on how frequently the remote control is used. Also, the operations below use the wireless system (Bluetooth) in the remote control. Frequent use of the wireless system shortens the battery life because the system requires more power than normal that use the infrared system, such as changing channels or turning the TV on/off.

    • Operation on the HOME screen and/or Apps
    • Using Touchpad
    • Using a microphone (voice recognition)

      NOTE: The button or feature may not be available depending on your remote control.

    Sony provides manganese batteries for you to use right after you install your TV.
    If you want longer battery life, the use of alkaline batteries is recommended. Alkaline batteries last longer than manganese batteries. (Rechargeable batteries cannot be used.)

    NOTE: When the battery is running low, buttons or cursors may not respond properly. The Battery indication is available with Android OS version 6 or later. You can check the remaining battery level of the remote on the TV screen by following the steps below. If the remaining battery level becomes low, replacing the batteries is recommended.

    How to check the remaining battery level

    1. Press the HOME button on the remote.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. Select Bluetooth settings in the Network & Accessories category.
    4. Select Device list.
    5. Select your remote. (For example, SONY TV RC MIC 001)

    About the Battery indication

    • The Battery indication is a guide, not an accurate value.
      The value of Battery may differ each time you check.  
    • Depending on the remote control, displaying the Battery indication may take about 10 seconds. If 100% is displayed even though the batteries are not new, please wait for a while until the actual value is displayed.
    • Depending on the batteries, the value at which the remote does not work will vary.
      For example, the remote may not work with a remaining battery level of 50% for some batteries, or 40% for other batteries.
    • The Battery indication is available only with a Bluetooth remote such as a Touchpad remote and Voice Remote.
    • This function cannot be used when the remote does not work.