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I'm missing sound field options after updating the firmware for my AV receiver

    You may have noticed different sound field options on your AV receiver when using Chromecast built-in, after performing a firmware update.

    You can now select [2CH] or [MULTI] channel in the AMP Menu. To access these options, please use the steps below:

    1. Press AMP Menu key on the remote control.
    2. Select [AUDIO].
    3. Select [CAST SOUND].
    4. Select either [2CH] or [MULTI].

    While playing music using Chromecast built-in, you can only select [Multi Ch Stereo] or [2ch Stereo] by pressing 2CH/MULTI on the remote control or on the receiver front panel. You cannot select other sound fields.


    • You cannot select sound fields in the following cases:
      • [Bluetooth Mode] is set to [Transmitter]
      • The Wireless Multi-Room function is activated
    • When connecting headphones to the receiver, [Headphone(2ch)] is selected as a sound field automatically