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Firmware update for Sony’s 2018 Android TVs (XF75, XF80, XF83, XF85, XF87, XF90 and AF8 Series) – 24th May 2018

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We are pleased to announce that a new firmware update (6.560) will be released directly to your TV on the 23rd May 2018 and will roll out gradually throughout June.

This new firmware further enhances the TV’s performance by offering the following upgrades:

  • Introduces Dolby Vision support for video streaming apps/services installed on the TV such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.*
  • Introduces the feature of adding new apps to “My Apps” on the TV menu bar

Other highlights/improvements include:

  • Improves X-Motion Clarity control

The recommended way to receive this update is by ensuring that the Automatic software download setting on your TV is turned ON. Your TV should then receive the update automatically in the coming weeks.

Alternatively, you can download the firmware from the European support site, and update your TV using a USB flash memory device.

Sony always takes customer feedback into consideration, striving for innovation and overall product quality.

[Applicable TV model series]

  • Sony’s 2018 Android TVs: XF75, XF80, XF83, XF85, XF87, XF90 and AF8 Series


Unsure which TV series your model belongs to? Here are some examples:

  • KD-43XF8096

  • KD-55XF9005

  • KD-65AF8

* Selected Sony TVs (XF90 and AF8 Series) will support Dolby Vision with the software update to be rolled out in Europe within June 2018. To enjoy Dolby Vision content, the video streaming app/service must support Dolby Vision. For more information, please contact the app/service provider. In addition, after the Sony TV receives the software update, devices with Dolby Vision playback (such streaming media players and UHD Blu-ray players) that are connected to the Sony TV by HDMI will also require a software update to support Dolby Vision playback through the device. For more information on the timing of an update to a particular player, please contact the player’s manufacturer.