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Additional specification information on the LSPX-P1 Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector

    How long is the power cable for this device?

    • The AC Power cord (From AC outlet to ACDC adaptor) is 1 meter.
    • The DC cord from ACDC adaptor to the unit is:
      • 1.8 meter for the projector
      • 1.5 meter for the wireless unit.

    What are the dimensions of the projector?

    • The height of the projector is: 131 mm
    • The height of the floor stand is: 878 mm

    How far should I place the projector away from the wall to achieve an 80-inch picture?

    Placing the projector directly against the wall will deliver a picture size of 22 inches. To achieve an 80 inches picture, the distance from the wall will be approximately 28 cm.