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Guide to Using Wireless Sports Headset (WF-SP900)

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Welcome to the WF-SP900 explanation guide. 
This page offers basic information on how to configure settings, and how to maintain and clean the WF-SP900.

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Preparation before use
Listening to music
Button controls
Operate the headset using the Headphones Connect or Music Center app
Using the headset underwater
How to clean the headset

Preparation before use


You can use the charging case to charge your headphones without connecting it to an AC outlet if the case is sufficiently charged. 
When the charging case is fully charged, it can recharge the headset max. 2.5 times after use in Player Mode (Bluetooth OFF) and max. Three times after use in Headphone Mode (Bluetooth ON).

How to charge the headset

  1. Wipe the headset well using a soft, dry cloth. The charging case is not waterproof. That's why you should check that the headset units, earbuds, and arc supporters are not wet/moist before setting the headset into the charging case. If water (sweat, water droplets, seawater, etc.) should come in contact with the terminals of the headset during charging, corrosion of the terminals may cause the electrical contacts to stop functioning.

Drying the sports headphones

  1. Set the headset into the charging case and close the cover.
    Check the left and right units of the headset and set them into the charging case.
    placing the earphones in the charging case
  2. Connect the charging case to a wall outlet or your PC's USB port.
    Use the USB Type-C cable supplied with the product for connection. Use a commercial AC adaptor when connecting to a wall outlet.

    The headset units and the charging case will begin charging.
    While they are charging, the charging indicator of the charging case and the indicators on the headset light in red.
    When charging is complete, the indicators will turn off.
    Charging case

    • Connecting the charging case to a wall socket (wall outlet)
      Connecting the charging case to a wall socket (wall outlet)
    • Connecting the charging case to a computer
      Connecting the charging case to a computer


How to choose the correct earbuds and arc supporters

Although many people use the default earbuds and arc supporters, it's perfectly fine to switch them if they do not match your ear size. 
If the earbuds or arc supporters do not match your ear size, you may not be able to enjoy the intended audio quality, or the headset may come loose.
Please choose earbuds and arc supporters that fit your ears.

  • Standard-type earbuds (S/M/L/LL)
    You can distinguish the sizes by the number of dots at the bottom of the earbuds.
    Different size earbuds
  • Swimming Earbuds (S/M/L/LL)
    You can see the differences of sizes by the color of inside the earbuds.
    Different color earbuds
  • Arc supporters (S/M/L)
    Different size Arc supporters


There are 2 mounting positions for the earbuds: [1] and [2].
You can adjust the mounting position so that the earbuds fit into your ears.
Mounting position example Type 1

Mounting position example type 2

When removing an earbud, hold the headset still while you twist and pull the earbud off.
Do not pull on the end of the earbud.
Correct way to remove earbud

Wrong way to remove earbud

Arc supporters

When removing an arc supporter, pull it slowly from the base.
Do not pull on the end of the arc supporter.

Listening to music

You can listen to music by either connecting WF-SP900 to your smartphone via Bluetooth function or via the internal memory of the headset unit alone.

Enjoying music from a Bluetooth device

You can enjoy music from a smartphone, Walkman, or another Bluetooth device.
Connect the headset to a Bluetooth device via an NFC connection or pairing (device registration).

Refer to the following article page for the connection methods.

Enjoying music from the internal memory of the WF-SP900

You can transfer music from your PC to the memory of the headset to enjoy music without connecting to a Bluetooth device.
There are several ways to transfer music to the headset. Select a method that is suited to your preference.

Transferring music using software

Buttons controls

Use the tap sensors or buttons on the WF-SP900 to control or change the settings of your unit.

Adjusting the volume

Adjust the volume using the tap sensors on the back of the headset units.

Increasing the volume - RIGHT UNIT
Quickly tap the RIGHT unit twice (●●)
Increasing the volume

Decreasing the volume - LEFT UNIT
Quickly tap the left unit twice (●●)
Decreasing the volume

Continue tapping more than twice to turn the volume up or down continuously.

Music playback /Telephone commands

Use the button on the RIGHT unit of the headset to operate music playback and telephone calls.

Music playback commands

Play/PausePress the button once (●)
Skip to the beginning of the next trackPress the button quickly twice (●●)
Skip to the beginning of the previous track (or the current track)Press the button quickly three times (●●●)

button commands example

Telephone call commands

Accept/End a callPress the button once (●)
Reject a callPress and hold the button for 2 seconds ()

Changing the settings

Use the button on the LEFT unit to change the settings.

Turn Ambient Sound Mode ON/OFFPress the button once (●)
Turn Quick Sound Settings ON/OFFPress the button quickly twice (●●)
Switch between the sound of the headset's internal memory and your smartphonePress the button quickly three times (●●●)
Turn the Bluetooth function ON/OFFPress and hold the button for 2 seconds ()

Operate the headset using the Headphones Connect or Music Center app

Use smartphone apps Sony | Headphones Connect and Sony | Music Center for various settings and operations that cannot be performed using the headset units.

Sony | Headphones Connect

Use smartphone app Sony | Headphones Connect to perform the following settings.

  • Equalizer settings (*)
  • Turn Ambient Sound Mode ON/OFF
  • Ambient Sound Mode settings (*)
  • Turn Quick Sound Settings ON/OFF
  • Change Quick Sound Settings (*)
  • Bluetooth connection mode settings (*)

Functions marked with (*) can only be configured using Sony | Headphones Connect. They cannot be configured using the headset units.

Download Sony | Headphones Connect

Sony | Music Center

Use smartphone app Sony | Music Center to perform the following operations.

  • Play/Pause music
  • Skip to the beginning of the previous track (or the current track)
  • Fast-forward/fast-rewind (*)
  • Adjust the volume
  • Repeat/Shuffle playback (*)
  • Change the playback range (folder/playlist/album) (*)
  • Switching the sound source (headset/smartphone)

Functions marked with (*) are only operable using Sony | Music Center. They cannot be operated using the headset units.

Download Sony | Music Center

Using the headset underwater

The headset is highly water and dust resistant, so you can listen to music even in the rain or under water.

Switching the earbuds

Attach Swimming Earbuds to the headset when using it in the pool.
If you do not use Swimming Earbuds, water may leak into the headset units so that you cannot hear music, and salt or other foreign bodies may adhere to the units and degrade the sound quality or damage the headset.

The headset comes with 4 sizes of Swimming Earbuds (S/M/L/LL).
Select a size with a slightly tighter fit than your standard-type earbuds to prevent water from leaking in.

There are 2 mounting positions for the earbuds, so adjust them to fir your ears.

Earbuds positions:
Mount the earbuds properly so that they do not come loose.
If the earbuds do not fit your ears even after adjusting the mounting position, switch the arc supporters.

Avoiding loss of the headset

To avoid losing the headset, connect the left and right units with the leash cord for underwater use.

How to attach

  1. Remove the earbuds, and then attach the leash cord.
  2. Reattach the earbuds.
  3. Hold the leash cord in place with your swimming goggles at the back of your head.

How to clean the headset

If you do not clean the headset, the life of the headset may be shortened. Perform proper maintenance to extend the life of the headset.
Refer to the video below for how to clean the headset.