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How to rename a Bluetooth device connected to your smartphone?

    Bluetooth accessories have a default name, which is usually the same as the product name (e.g. WH-1000XM3). You can see this name in the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone. Here’s how you can easily rename your Bluetooth device to avoid confusion and recognise it. 

    Before you start

    Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone and your Bluetooth device is:

    • Turned on and sufficiently charged.
    • Connected to the internet and in range of your smartphone. 
    • Paired and connected to your smartphone. 

    How to rename a Bluetooth device in your smartphone's settings



      NOTE: You cannot change the default name of your connected Bluetooth accessory in the Sony Headphones Connect app. However, renaming your Bluetooth accessory in your smartphone's settings allows you to know which device is connected to your smartphone and therefore active in the Headphones Connect app.

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