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How to troubleshoot noise issues specific to the VPCE Series

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    Your VAIO may produce a light high-frequency noise when working on battery, which starts when the processor goes into a lower power state to conserve battery power.  This behaviour is normal, and does not indicate a malfunction of your VAIO.
    If you find this noise disturbing, you can disable the power saving functionality by following the steps below. 

    A. Install the latest BIOS version

    Make sure BIOS version R0300Y8 or higher is installed.  This can be done either by using VAIO Update, or by downloading and installing the latest version manually.

    This BIOS update will add the option CPU C3/C6 SUPPORT in the BIOS.

    B. Disable C3/C6 Support in the BIOS

    1. Reboot the computer
    2. Press F2 multiple times at boot
    3. When the BIOS setup screen appears, use the arrow keys to browse to the ADVANCED tab
    4. Move down to CPU C3/C6 SUPPORT, press Enter, select DISABLED, and press Enter.
    5. Use the arrow keys to move to the EXIT menu, select SAVE CHANGES and press Enter.

    Please note that disabling CPU C3/C6 support will reduce the optimization of your VAIO's battery life.