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An insect crawled into the display of my VAIO

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    VAIO displays are layered constructions into which very small insects may crawl in rare cases. The insects are lured by the light emitted by the display's backlight and will be visible to the user as a tiny, initially mobile, black dot.

    Since the display panel is not air-tight by design, the ability of insects to crawl into it is not a manufacturing fault and not covered by the SONY guarantee. The presence of the insect in the display is a cosmetic issue and doesn't endanger the user or the safe operation of the VAIO.

    If the insect is still moving, proceed as follows to resolve the situation:
    1. Don't touch the display or apply pressure to it.
    2. Save your work and shut down the VAIO. This also shuts off the display's backlight, which is attracting the insect's attention.
    3. Place your VAIO in a well-lit environment, while avoiding exposing it to excessive heat.
    4. Wait for an hour or two. This gives the insect time to attempt to reach the light outside your VAIO.
    5. If the insect hasn't left the display and it is still moving, give it some more time to find it's way.
    If the insect isn't moving anymore and you want to have the display replaced at your cost, please contact the VAIO Support team to organize a repair for you.