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Does Xperia XZ Premium support 4-pole headsets/audio cables?

    It is possible to use Sony headsets/audio cables with a 4-pole plug with the Xperia™ XZ Premium (that has a 5-pole jack/plug). The following Sony audio accessories are compatible with the Xperia™ XZ Premium:

    • Stereo Headset STH32
    • 1A headphones (MDR-1A)
    • MDR-1R Noise Cancelling MK2 Headphones
    • 10R Headphones (MDR-10R)
    • 10RC Headphones (MDR-10RC)
    • 10RNC Noise Cancelling Headphones (MDR-10RNC)
    • h.ear on Stereo Headphone (MDR-100A)
    • AS410 Sports In-ear Headphones (MDR-AS410AP)
    • EX15LP / 15AP In-ear Headphones (MDR-EX15LP / 15AP)
    • EX110AP In-ear Headphones (EX110AP)
    • EX150AP In-ear Headphones (MDR-EX150AP / MDR-EX150AP1)
    • EX250AP In-ear Headphones (MDR-EX250AP)
    • EX450 In-ear Headphones (MDR-EX450)
    • h.ear in (MDR-EX750AP)
    • h.ear in NC (MDR-EX750NA)
    • XB50AP EXTRA BASS™ In-Ear Headphones (MDR-XB50AP)
    • XB510AS EXTRA BASS™ Sports In-ear Headphones (MDR-XB510AS)
    • XB550AP EXTRA BASS™ Headphones (MDR-XB550AP)
    • ZX110 headphones (MDR-ZX110 / MDR-ZX110AP)
    • A2 Balanced Armature In-ear Headphones (XBA-A2)
    • A3 Balanced Armature In-ear Headphones (XBA-A3)
    • Stereo Headphones MH-410C
    • Stereo Headset MH-750