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Where do I find product manuals, specifications, firmware/software updates or drivers on Sony's support website?

    Learn how to use Sony's support website to find your product page, manuals, firmware/software updates or drivers, as well as product specifications. The best way to find information about your product is to first reach your model's product page before searching for keywords. 

    1. Find your Product Page
    2. Manuals and Help Guides (PDF)
    3. Firmware/Software update/Drivers
    4. Specifications

    1. Find your Product Page

    The product page is always the best place to start. The search bar on the product page is narrowed down to your product only, which helps you find the most relevant results.

    1. Find out what your model name is. If you're unsure, please visit Where to find the model name and serial number?.
    2. Type your model name (e.g., KD-43X89J or WH-1000XM5) in the search bar on Sony's support website, then click the Search button.
      • You can also click on your product name using the predictive search feature. 
      • Make sure you type your model name correctly, including the hyphen (-), if applicable. The predictive search feature will help you type the model correctly.

    'Model name' placeholder shown in the search bar under 'Welcome to Sony Support'

    Auto-suggest feature showing different model name options for 'WH-1000XM": WH-1000XM4, WH1000XM5 etc.

    2. Manuals and Help Guides (PDF)

    Once you're on your product page, you'll find your product's Manual and Help Guide under the Manuals tab.

    Where to find the 'Manuals' tab on the product page and the 'Help Guide (Web manual) link under 'Manuals'

    • Most products offer an extensive Help Guide, which you can access via the product page. The online Help Guide has a convenient search function that will help you find information in the guide quickly.
    • Downloadable PDF Manuals (Operating Instructions/Reference Guide/Startup Guide) on the other hand, are a great place to start when uncertain about procedures (e.g., how to reset your device) or settings. These PDF manuals can be downloaded or printed for offline use. Use the CTRL + F function while using a PDF File viewer to search for specific keywords. You can also click on menu anchors in some cases.

    Help Guide for the WH-1000XM5 headphones. The 'Printable PDF' button is highlighted in the upper right-hand corner.

    3. Firmware/Software update/Drivers

    Find, download, and learn how to install the latest firmware/software updates or drivers by clicking on the Downloads tab for your model.

    With the latest updates, you can enjoy:

    • New functions.
    • Solutions to known issues.
    • Improved connectivity or compatibility.

    Where to find the 'Downloads' tab on the product page and new firmware updates under 'Downloads'

    You can get notifications about future firmware releases by downloading and bookmarking your product in the Support By Sony mobile app.

    4. Specifications

    Want to know more about your product's features, functions or other specifications? Each product page has a 'Specifications' link available under the model name.

    The 'Specifications' link shown on the product page of the WH-1000XM5 model.