Getting started with your Sony WALKMAN

Sony’s MediaGo software helps you find and organise media files, then play them back on your computer or Sony device. You can easily transfer media between your Windows computer and a range of Sony devices including Walkman, PSP system, Xperia tablets and smartphones.

MediaGo works with music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, games, photos and other media types. You can download MediaGo for free from our website.


Which file formats does MediaGo work with?

See a full list of file types supported by MediaGo, across a range of media types. MediaGo file formats

Where on my computer should I store media files I want to use with MediaGo?

MediaGo will monitor certain folders on your computer for new and updated files, and then automatically add them to your MediaGo Library so you can see them easily in the main MediaGo Window. See how to choose which folders MediaGo will monitor

How do I play music?

You can use the MediaGo Window to play music via your computer. (It also works for videos and photos.) You can loop, shuffle, add subtitles and change the volume too. See how to play media using MediaGo

How do I transfer photos to Facebook and other sites via MediaGo?

You can share MediaGo photos and videos online in a few simple steps. See how to share photos and videos with MediaGo

How do I transfer music from a CD to my computer?

MediaGo can transfer whole CDs or selected tracks to your computer. It can even transfer files directly to your device via drag and drop. See how transfer music from a CD using MediaGo

How do I change the format and bit-rate of my files using MediaGo?

You can edit the properties of your files directly from your MediaGo library. The system will create a backup of your original file too. See how to convert media files using MediaGo

How do I transfer files from my computer to my Walkman?

Add files to a playlist or photo album within the MediaGo Window. See how to transfer files to your device using MediaGo

Find out about saving video files on your device

How do I create, edit and remove playlists?

It’s not usually possible to create, edit or delete a playlist on your device. You’ll need to create or update it on your computer, then transfer it across using the MediaGo Library. It can also add features like SensMe™ to your playlists. See how to create, edit or delete a playlist using MediaGo

How do I delete songs from my Walkman?

Music transferred onto your Walkman via MediaGo cannot be deleted on the Walkman itself. The music files must be deleted from the MediaGo library on your computer. In the same way, music transferred to your Walkman from Windows Media Player must be deleted in Media Player on your PC, and the same for Mac Finder on Apple computers. Create, edit or delete a playlist using MediaGo.

How do I repeat a song on my Walkman?

You can set a particular song or playlist to play repeatedly on your Walkman in a few simple steps – depending on which type of Walkman you have.
Touchscreen models
Click the Loop button once to repeat the current playlist: once the final track on the playlist ends the playlist starts again. Want to repeat the current song? Simply click the Loop button twice. To stop repeating the song or playlist, click the Loop button a 3rd time.
Models without a touchscreen
If your Walkman doesn’t have a touchscreen, open the menu manually and select the Loop option.How to loop music step by step.

How do I arrange my music alphabetically?

To sort your music alphabetically in your MediaGo library, first choose a view (such as Song, Album or Artist). In the centre pane of the view, click on the column header you want to sort by. For example, to sort your music by song title, click the Title column; to sort by album, click the Album column. How to arrange my music alphabetically

How do I organise my MediaGo Library?

You can find items in your MediaGo Library via search, and save your searches as ‘views’ to access the same results another time. Make searching more effective by tagging your files. You can also add, remove and edit folders within your Library. See how to search your Library on MediaGo

See how to manage your MediaGo Library folders

Storing other file types on your device

Some Sony devices, like a Walkman, can be used like external drives to store files of various types. You can move these files on and off your device using drag and drop in Windows Explorer.