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How to order recovery discs and computer parts

    1. Recovery discs
    2. Repair parts
    3. How to order
    4. How to use the EET Europarts website to find your discs or spare part

    Recovery discs

    Recovery discs are required if you have removed the recovery partition of your VAIO (accessible by pressing F10 at boot), and you have not created recovery discs from the Recovery Center.
    More information about the recovery process can be found in the Troubleshooting and Recovery Guide you received with your VAIO.

    For ordering details, see How to order below.

    Repair parts

    If your VAIO requires service, we recommend to contact us, to arrange a repair by an authorized professional.

    Typically internal parts are not sold separately, as there is a high risk of inflicting additional damage when a repair is performed by a person who has not been trained appropriately.  If a repair is performed by a non-authorized person, damages will not be covered by warranty.
    Please check the bundled Guarantee documents you received with your VAIO for more information.

    Some parts, which are easy to replace, can be purchased separately.

    How to order

    In case you need to order something, first make sure you have your VAIO model and serial numbers at hand. ( How to find my model and serial numbers? )

    Then, according to the warranty status of your product:

    NOTE: Any purchases made from third parties will be subject to the seller’s terms and conditions. Please check with the seller for details. Sony bears no responsibility for the content of third party websites or purchases made from third parties.

    How to use the EET Europarts website to find your discs or spare part

    1. Type your model or serial number in the search box

      Search box
    2. Select your model from the search results
    3. Select a category from the CATEGORIES filters on the left pane. For recovery discs, select Manuals/Tools/Software

    4. Select the item you are looking for, and press BUY
    5. Click on YOUR BASKET in the upper right corner
    6. Select PROCEED TO CHECKOUT, fill in your details and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the order