About this download

"Memory Card File Rescue"is a software program that recovers data from your Sony memory card that has been accidentaly erased.

Shoot with ease knowing that your precious movies / photos are protected.

What type of files can be recovered?

This software supports recovery of JPG (DCF), MPEG-1, MP4(MPEG-4, MPEG-4 AVC, XAVC S), AVCHD file(ver.2.0), AVCHD 3D file, 3D photo (MPO), other types of file*

* Game data, and content-protected music and movies are not supported
* Supports recovery of files stored in Sony's memory media products
* Recovered files will be stored in PC


  • We do not guarantee a recovery of all data. Some file may not be recoverable due to its data status
  • Defect or damage of a memory card itself cannot be recovered.

What type of memory media can be used with this software?

This software can be used on all Sony brand Memory Stick(tm), SD Memory Card, USB Flash Drive*1 and XQD Memory card except:

  • Non-Sony brand Memory Stick(tm), SD Memory Card and USB Flash Drive
  • Sony brand Memory Stick(tm) Classic series (capacity up to 128MB)
  • Memory Stick(tm) for AIBO(r) robot
  • Memory Stick ROM(tm) for electronic dictionaries or e-Book readers
  • PSP(r) brand Memory Stick(tm) (Memory Stick PRO Duo(tm) or Memory Stick Micro(tm))

*1USM-SA3 series, USM-SA2 series, USM-SA1 series, USM-V series, USM-J series, USM-JX series, USM-H series, USM-EX-Turbo series, USD series, USM-FL series, USM-F series, USM-E Plus series, USM-E series, USM-D Plus series, USM-D series, USM-U2 series, USM-S(A)series, USM-S series, USM-C series, USM-B series, USM series


Double click on the downloaded file, [MCFileRescue.exe].

Click [Next]

Carefully read [License Agreement] and select [I accept the terms in the license agreement]. Then click [Next]

Click [Install]

Click [Finish]. The software will be installed.

Rescue the data inside memory media

Open [Memory Card File Rescue]

Insert the memory media to recover data from, and click [Next]

Select the drive in which the memory media is inserted, and click [Next]

Confirm the displayed information and click [Run]. The data rescued from a memory card cannot be saved into the same memory media. Ensure that the PC hard-disk has enough memory space to save the data

Data recovery is in process. Do not remove the memory media

When the process is complete, [Check Files] screen will be displayed

Select the file(s) you want to save, and click [Next]

Specify the save destination (1).
Specify the folder name (2) and click [Save]. You cannot save the data into the memory media under recovery process

Data saving is in process. Do not remove the memory media

Data recovery is complete. Click [End] and the file destination will be displayed