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Adjusting the Picture setting on my Android TV

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You can adjust the following with picture adjustment settings.

Picture mode

Picture mode is an image quality setting that is preset to be suitable for the genre of the program and the type of image.

The following are explanations for each setting in Picture - Picture mode accessed by pressing the ACTION MENU button.

NOTE: The availability of the function to adjust depends on the model of the TV.

Picture mode


Explanation and Concept

VividPicture with enhanced edges and high contrast.Suitable mode of bright and dark colors and enhanced edges for standing out in bright places such as storefronts.
StandardSuitable basic picture for home use.Suitable mode of brightness, color depth, and enhanced edges for home environments.
CustomCustomize picture settings.Mode for customizing picture settings according to preferences.
Cinema pro
Suitable picture for film-based content.[For Movie content]
Mode for faithfully reproducing the style intended by the film studio.
Cinema home
Suitable picture for watching movies at home.[For Movie content]
Mode of brightness and color adjusted assuming use at home.
SportsSuitable picture for watching sports.[For Sports content]
Mode especially for fast moving pictures.
AnimationSuitable picture for watching animation.[For animated content]
Mode optimally adjusted for animation, such as the emphasized outlines of cartoons.
Photo-VividPicture with enhanced edges and high contrast.[For picture]
Suitable mode of bright and dark colors and enhanced edges for standing out in bright places.
Photo-StandardSuitable basic picture for home use.[For picture]
Suitable mode of brightness, color depth, and enhanced edges for home environments.
Photo-CustomCustomize picture settings.[For picture]
Mode for customizing picture settings according to preferences.
GameSuitable picture for playing video games.[For video games]
Mode for optimum image quality in video games, with the shortest image delay (the time until game controller operation is reflected in the TV).
GraphicsSuitable picture for displaying charts, tables, graphs, and illustrations.Mode for using the TV as a computer monitor.


Advanced settings

Select Advanced settings to adjust more detailed settings such as image brightness, color, sharpness, and noise. Try these settings when you want to adjust the picture for easier viewing or to your preferences.

The following are explanations for each setting in Picture adjustments - Advanced settings accessed by pressing the ACTION MENU button.

NOTE: The availability of the function to adjust depends on the model of the TV.

Setting items

Overview, Setting Values and Explanation

Brightness - Brightness

Adjust the luminance of the screen.

Min (0) ← Brightness → Max (50)


Up: the screen gets brighter
Down: the screen gets darker

Power consumption increases when screen is brighter and decreases when it is darker which is as same as lighting equipment.

Brightness - Contrast

Adjust the white level of the picture.

Min (0) ← Contrast → Max (100)


When the contrast is lowered, the white level becomes darker, and the difference between the light and dark parts of the white level becomes small, so the picture becomes dark.

Brightness - Gamma

Adjust the light and dark balance.

Min (-3) ← Gamma → Max (3)


Function that adjusts the light and dark balance. Increasing the gamma correction brightens the picture, and decreasing it darkens the picture.

Brightness - Black level

Adjust the black level of the picture.

Min (0) ← Black level → Max (100)

Black Level

Increasing the black level makes the dark area details (patterns) more visible, and decreasing the black level makes the dark areas less visible.

Brightness - Black adjust

Enhance the black in images for stronger contrast.

(Off) ← Black adjust → (Low / Medium / High)

Black Adjust

Function that improves the sense of contrast / depth in the image by reproducing the black parts of the image darker.
The signals input to the TV are analyzed individually in real time and are controlled so that an optimum black correction level is achieved.

Brightness - Adv. contrast enhancer

Automatically adjust the contrast based on picture brightness.
(Off / Low / Medium / High)

Optimally controls the sense of contrast of the image. By converting the image to the dynamic range that the TV can reproduce, the image has a brighter contrast feeling / feeling of depth / stereoscopic effect.

Brightness - Auto local dimming

Optimize contrast by adjusting brightness in individual sections of the screen.
(Off / Low / Medium / High)

Function that improves reproduction of blacks and improves contrast by automatically adjusting the brightness of the backlight partially according to the partial brightness of the image.

Brightness - X-tended Dynamic Range

Adjust the peak luminance level to display the brightest whites and deepest blacks.
(Off / Low / Medium / High)

Function that improves contrast further by increasing luminance of bright areas partially.
In case of LCD TV, by local dimming function, darkening the backlight partially, and instead of this, increasing backlight level of bright area.

Color - Color

Adjust the color saturation level.

Min (0) ← Color → Max (100)


Function that makes the color depth deeper or paler.

Color - Hue

Adjust the color tone.

Function that shifts the overall color in the red (R) and green (G) direction.

Color - Color temperature

Adjust the color temperature.
(Warm / Natural / Cool / Expert1 / Expert2)

Function that adjusts the color temperature as a reference for color reproduction of images. It can be adjusted to four stages that emulate "day white" or the "bulb color" of electric lighting.

Color - Live Color

Emphasize the vividness of colors.

(Off) ← Live Color → (Low / Medium / High)

Live Color

Function that expands the colors of the image to the reproducible colors of the TV, and achieves vivid color reproduction.
Color expansion of the input signal is not performed when set to Off.
At Low or higher, expansion of the color reproduction range is performed.

Clarity - Sharpness

Adjust the picture details.

Min (0) ← Sharpness → Max (100)


Function that emphasizes contours and details of things and people in the image.
50 is the reference. Raising it above 50 makes the contours and details clearly visible, and lowering it blurs the picture.

Clarity - Reality Creation / Resolution

Adjust fineness and noise for a realistic picture.
Adjust the Resolution (Min (0) - Max (100)) by selecting Manual.

(Off) ← Reality Creation →  (Auto / Manual)

Reality Creation/Resolution

Ability to reproduce images with fine detail by emphasizing details in the image using Sony’s proprietary database type super resolution function.

Clarity - Mastered in 4K

Optimize picture quality for Blu-ray discs mastered in 4K. Applies to 1080/24p signals only.
(Off / On)
To use this function, Picture mode must be set to Cinema pro (Cinema1) or Cinema home (Cinema2) in advance.

Function that reproduces 4K original quality video from Blu-ray HD video.

Clarity - Random noise reduction

Reduce repetitive random noise.

(Off) ← Random noise reduction → (Low / Medium / High /Auto)

Random Noise Reduction

Random noise appears as rough noise during screen movement, and also appears when the reception state is poor with analog broadcasting.
Random noise tends to occur when the broadcasting station raises the sensitivity of the camera and is often seen in dark scenes.
This function reduces repetitive random noise.

Clarity - Digital noise reduction

Reduce video compression noise.

(Off) ← Digital noise reduction → (Low / Medium / High / Auto)

Digital noise reduction

Digital noise, such as mosquito noise, easily occurs in images such as terrestrial digital broadcasts, as well as other noise that appears to be blocky.
This function reduces this video compression noise.

Clarity - Smooth gradation

Smoothen the gradation of the flat part of the screen.
(Off / Low / Medium / High)

Function that eliminates and smooths out noise (referred to as banding) appearing gradually and as stripes in the gradation parts of the image.

Motion - Motionflow

Refine moving images.
(Smooth / Standard / Clear / True Cinema / Custom / Off)
Adjust the Smoothness (Min (0) - Max (5)) and Clearness (Min (0) - Max (2)) by selecting Custom.

Function that increases the number of video frames and displays moving images smoothly.

Motion - Film Mode(GB), CineMotion(US)

Detect the type of video such as movies and CG, and perform the best video correction process.
(Off / Low / Medium / High)

Function that smoothly reproduces the motion of film content such as movies (images shot at 24 frames per second).