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TV remote commander not operating properly or not responding at all? Discover how to troubleshoot

    The fact that your remote commander is not responding can mean that either the remote itself is defective or your TV is not working anymore. This article contains a series of guidelines that will help you solve your issue or at least define a root cause.  

    IMPORTANT: In case of a third party tuner / Set-Top Box, you may only be able to switch channels with the supplied third party remote commander. The original Sony remote will not work!

    Check whether something is wrong with the TV

    If you cannot power on the TV with the remote commander or in case there is no button response, try to operate the TV via the keys and switches at the right-hand side of the TV (seen from the front).

    1. Confirm whether the Power Saving Switch [6] is ON, otherwise you will not be able to power on the TV.

    2. Press [1] to power ON the TV. A green LED should become visible on the front of the TV.

    3. Do a test by operating the buttons [2] and [3] to change the channels and sound volume.

    TV keys and switches

    If you cannot power on the TV via the TV itself, your TV may need to be serviced. Please contact us for further assistance.

    Check whether something is wrong with the remote commander

    1. While the TV is ON, disconnect the cables of all external devices (DVD/BD player, Set-Top Box etc.) connected to the TV, and then press the HOME or MENU button on the remote commander. If nothing happens, please proceed to step 2.

    2. Power OFF the TV and disconnect the power cord from the power outlet. Reconnect, power it ON again, and press the HOME or MENU button on the remote commander. If nothing happens, please proceed to step 3.

    3. A variety of reasons exist why the remote commander could not be responding. Please go through below overview and, if applicable, apply the proposed countermeasures.

    • Replace battery or clean the terminal

    * Weak battery: The battery may be completely drained or weak. When it becomes weak, you will find that you are having to get closer to the product to operate it. If no operation at all, please replace the batteries.

    * Dirty Terminal: The remote control battery terminals may be dirty. Remove the battery lid and roll the batteries with your thumb whilst the batteries are still in the remote control. If the remote control starts to operate after rolling the batteries, remove the batteries and clean the remote control terminals with a small solution of cassette head cleaning fluid, using a cotton bud or soft cloth, then place the batteries back into the remote control.

    • Be careful with infrared sensor

    * Make sure that the remote control is pointing at the product's remote control sensor (lower front side of the TV).

    * Make sure that the remote control infrared receiver / sensor located on the product, has not been covered or obscured by indoor plants or furnishings etcetera.

    * Bright light and bright sun light can sometimes interfere with infrared signals, especially if the light is direct upon the "R" sensor of the TV.

    • Select correct product via Bravia Sync

    When using an HDMI connection, you may have to select the product that you want to control by pressing the SYNC MENU button on the TV remote control. You can then select the product that you want to operate from the list shown on screen.

    • Select correct product with [Mode] button

      Some remote controls are multi-function and have the ability to control other devices such as a BD player, DVD player or VCR. If you have a remote control that is multi-functional, you must have selected the correct product that you want to control. For example, if the mode button on the remote control has been selected to operate a DVD player, some functionality of the TV may not operate until you select the mode.
    • Select correct frequency 1-2-3 position of DVD/HDD recorder

    Some DVD/HDD Recorders have a variable remote control infrared frequency, for example position 1 2 or 3. Make sure that the position chosen is the same as the position set on the actual recorder. To check or change the frequency position, please see the supplied instruction manual.

    • Avoid the interference of low energy light bulbs

    Low energy light bulbs have been known to interfere with remote control frequencies. Try moving the products away from the lamp or the lamp away from the products.

    • Check for an infrared beam

      It is not possible to see the infrared beam emitted from the remote control with the naked eye. If you have a camcorder and operate the remote control in front of the lens, it would be possible to see the infrared beam on the camcorder's display.

    Infrared beam not visible? The remote may need to be replaced. Please contact us for further assistance.

    Infrared beam visible? It is possible that the receiver/sensor on the product is faulty and not the actual remote control. Please contact us for further assistance.

    Sony's Android TV can also be controlled using a traditional IR remote commander and - for certain models - a Touchpad remote. For more information on  pairing the Touchpad remote to your TV and what to do if you're having issues, follow the link provided.