Article ID : 00116052 / Last Modified : 02/08/2019

An on-screen "error 4057" message appears, and my TV freezes

    You may be experiencing the following symptoms on your TV after downloading the latest software via Network Direct Download (NDD):

    1. An error occurs during the system software update - error 4057
    2. TV freezes for 6-10 seconds after the TV startup is initiated

    Please try the steps listed below:

    • Symptom 1: Please use the following steps:
      • Go to [Home] > [Settings] > [System settings] > [setup] > [Auto Startup] (to re-initialise the network connection)
      • Re-install the firmware update by going to [Home] > [Settings] > [Customer support] > [Software update] > [Network]


    • Symptom 2: Please use the following steps: 
      • Unplug the TV from the main socket and reconnect it after 10 seconds
      • After turning on the TV, change build-in Wi-Fi settings to OFF (within 6 seconds) by doing either of the following:
        • [Home] > [Settings] > [Setup] > [Network] > [Build in Wifi] > [Off]
        • Resetting the TV by pressing the UP arrow button (NOT volume or program) on the remote control and the power button on the TV set together.
          Up button on remote control

          Reset will appear on the TV and the unit will shutdown. Switch the television back on and make sure that WLAN is disabled for the moment.

    IMPORTANT: All of your settings will be lost at this point.