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Bad video quality, including lines, bars, squares, spots, double image, pixel defects, or black screen

    In case the quality of your video/screen is not meeting your expectations or if you have the impression that something is structurally wrong with the screen, please go through below troubleshooting.

    Preliminary checks

    Please confirm that cabling, environment and signal strength are okay. After you have done so, and remedied if needed, you can choose one of the options below (no video at at all, or disturbed video).

    Check whether all cables are connected properly

    • Check that your cables are properly inserted. If necessary, disconnect and reconnect them.
    • Ensure that your cables are not faulty. You can do this by trying with other cables.
    • Check that the cables in the sending device are in the OUT socket and are connected to the IN socket of the receiving device.

    Keep the TV away from other electrical equipment

    In case of analogue broadcasting, keep the TV away from electrical noise sources such as cars, hair-dryers, Wi-Fi units, mobile phones, or optical equipment.

    Signal strength must be at least "60"

    Confirm whether your signal is strong enough.

    How to measure signal strength (digital setup)


    My TV screen is completely black (while sound is still present) 

    1. Make sure your TV is powered on.
    2. On the remote commander, press HOME or MENU.
    1. 3. Issue still not solved? Your TV might be defective. Please contact us for further advice.

    Bad video quality, including lines, bars, squares, spots, double image, pixel defects...

    Issues like the ones below may occur. Go through below steps in order to troubleshoot yourself.

    Sceen issues

    Fig. A: Pixel issue / Fig. B: Vertical line / Fig. C: Squares / Fig. D: Double image /

    Fig. E: Irregular shapes / Fig. F: Half screen lost / Fig. G: Burnt faces  


    NOTE: Please first confirm whether you are not just facing so called backlight bleeding  when viewing dark screens, which is normal behaviour of LCD televisions and cannot be completely remedied.

    1. To keep your television at peak performance, it is important that the latest software version is installed on your TV.

    How check whether the latest software (firmware) version is installed on my TV

    Perform Firmware/Software Updates for Sony Android TV

    In case an update is needed, please refer to one of the links below.

    How to update the software of your TV directly via the Internet?

    My TV is not connected to the Internet, how can I get a software update?

    2. Perform a Power cycle (unplug your TV's power cord for 2 minutes before plugging your TV's power cord back in). For Sony's Android TV, we recommend  performing a (soft) reset , before trying a Power cycle.

    3. If the issue persists, perform a factory reset . Also, discover how to perform a factory reset for Sony's Android TV .
    NOTE: For detailed instructions on how to solve a particular symptom, follow our FAQ:
    What to do when there are lines in the screen,the screen is blurred, double images occur, or odd colours occur.

    4. If not solved, you need to identify whether the issue is present on all TV inputs or only on certain inputs. You can do this very easily via a so called panel test. Please do below double test.

    1. On the TV remote commander, press the Screen format button. After pressing, are the location and size of the screen problem (a line, bar, square, double image, irregular shape, spot, white or coloured pixels) precisely the same as before?

    Fig. A: Normal screen view
    Fig. B: Location and size of the vertical bar changed compared to Fig. A. NO panel defect.
    Fig. C: Vertical bar equally wide and at same location as in Fig. A. This indicates a panel defect.

    TV Panel Test

    2. Press the HOME or MENU button on the remote commander to enter the TV menu. Is the screen problem still present the same way as before entering the menu?

    5. If the outcome of test 1 is as in Fig. C and if the outcome of test two is "yes", you may be facing a panel issue and service may be needed. Please contact Sony for further assistance.

    6. If the outcome of test 1 is as in Fig. B and the answer to question two is "no", then a panel issue can be excluded. Please choose between below options for further help.
    • Only Tuner input affected, while video quality via HDMI (you can test by playing a DVD), USB (you can test with a photo on a USB stick) or PC is good? Please start Tuning troubleshooting .
    • HDMI (you can test by playing a DVD), USB (you can test with a photo on a USB stick) or PC input are affected, while video quality via Tuner input is good? Please start Connectivity troubleshooting .


    Irregular images, shapes spots or background colours 

    If you're experiencing symptoms on Sony's Android TV resulting in irregular images, shapes spots or background colours, please refer to one of the links below: