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My TV doesn't power on and doesn't respond

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    If your TV doesn't power on and doesn't respond, there are some steps you can follow to check if your TV is still working.

    • A TV with no power means you're not seeing an LED signal or anything on the screen.
    • If you see a black screen with letters or a screen full of triangles, you might need to press the input button on your remote control  to get to the correct input channel. It's usually located on the top left side of your remote control, opposite the power button. 
    • If you do see the TV LED blinking red, please visit this article on red led blinking.

    Step 1: Use the power button on your TV

    Your TV has a power button located on the TV. You can find the power button location in your start-up guide or reference guide (available on your TV product page on this support website). Verify if you can power ON the TV with that button because maybe your remote control is broken or the batteries are dead. 

    Step 2: Check if the power cable is firmly connected & power cycle

    The first check you always need to do is verify if your TV power cable is correctly attached to both the TV and the power outlet. Sometimes pets or vacuum cleaners bump the cable and dislodge it. Please give them a good press and try powering on the TV. If you use a cable with an adapter block, please make sure the cable is also firmly inserted at the adapter entry point. 

    Now that you're giving attention to the power cable, it's an excellent opportunity to perform the most basic type of TV reset: the power cycle. Unplug the cable, leave it out for 30 seconds and reinsert. Again, make sure everything's firmly connected. 

    Step 3: Check the AC outlet or power strip

    It's rare, but the AC outlet or power strip may be faulty. Use a different electronic device you know is working, and try the outlet and power strip to see if it works. 

    Step 4: Disconnect all external devices

    Unplug everything attached to your TV: consoles, set-up boxes, soundbars, etc. A connected device might be faulty and is causing this issue. When all external devices have been disconnected, try to power ON the TV again. 

    Step 5: Try a forced factory data reset (ANDROID TV & GOOGLE TV)

    The last step you can try is a forced factory data reset. You perform a manual reset by pressing buttons and inserting the cable.

    Unfortunately, If these steps do not resolve the situation, your TV will need repair.