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Overview of frequent TV audio and video issues and how to remedy them

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The fact that the sound or image of your TV is missing or disturbed may have many different causes. In this article we will be focussing on systematic issues related to your TV, regardless of the input used.

I'm only facing a problem with the audio (quality) of my TV

No sound, poor sound, or a strange noise (clicking, cracking, rattling) coming from your TV? Discover how to troubleshoot


I'm facing a problem with the video (quality) of my TV

Red LED is blinking / TV powers off immediately after powering on

Bad video quality, including lines, bars, squares, spots, double image, pixel defects, or black screen

Screen turns black after some time of normal activity

Screen remains black after powering on TV (sound may be present)

Picture is blurred

White backlight when viewing dark scenes

Remote commander is not responding

No solution found? Do DVD / USB test

If the issue you are encountering is not a permanent one, it is very likely that a solution can be found via one of both paths below. Check them before contacting Sony.

  • Is only the tuner input affected, while video quality via HDMI, USB or PC is good? Please test by playing a DVD, or photo on a USB stick. If DVD or USB test gives good results, please start Tuning troubleshooting .
  • Is your TV connected to an external device via HDMI or USB while video quality via tuner input is good? Please test by playing a DVD, or photo on a USB stick. If DVD or USB test gives good results, please start Connectivity troubleshooting .