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Screen turns black after some time of normal activity (no LED blinking) - Sound loss possible

    IMPORTANT: Below troubleshooting is meant for recurrent video issues being present via ALL TV inputs (Tuner, HDMI, USB, PC …). If only certain inputs are affected, alternative troubleshooting will be needed.

    In case your screen is permanently black or turns black after a while, please go through below troubleshooting.

    1. Make sure the power cord is firmly connected to an active wall outlet.

    • If the power cord is connected to a surge protector, connect it directly to a wall outlet.
    • If the wall outlet is connected to an on and off wall switch, make sure it is on.

    2. If the issue persists, press the HOME or MENU button using the supplied remote, or the button on the TV.

    NOTE: The Home menu will not appear in case the TV input is not activated. This may be the case for example when using a Set-Top Box or when watching a DVD / BD. Via the [Bravia Sync] button on your remote, make sure the TV input is selected.

    After the factory reset, press the HOME or MENU button to see whether the Home menu is displayed. If the Home menu still won’t appear, service may be required. Please contact Sony for further assistance.

    3. Check the Clock / Timers section and ECO settings of your TV.

    NOTE: Set the time for Sony's Android TV .

    4. If not resolved, check to see if a firmware or software update is available for your TV.

    How to update the software of your TV directly via the Internet?

    Perform Firmware/Software Updates for Sony Android TV

    My TV is not connected to the Internet, how can I get a software update?

    Update Sony's Android TV using a USB flash drive

    Still not found a solution after applying above steps? Please contact Sony for further assistance.