Wireless Handy TV Speaker

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€ 180.00

(incl. VAT and WEEE)
Angled top shot of SRS-LSR200 wireless handy TV speaker
Front shot of SRS-LSR200 wireless handy TV speaker
Rear angled shot of SRS-LSR200 wireless handy TV speaker
Front angled shot of SRS-LSR200 wireless handy TV speaker
Front shot of SRS-LSR200 wireless handy TV speaker
Rear shot of SRS-LSR200 wireless handy TV speaker
Close up shot of stand
Close up shot of stand
Bring your TV’s audio to where you are

Enjoy your large screen TV with audio levels that are right for you, thanks to the SRS-LSR200. This easy-to-use wireless speaker for TV connects and even controls your television, allowing you to dial in a personalised volume level without disrupting other viewers. A front-facing third speaker makes dialogue from the TV even clearer and easier to hear. And since it’s plug-and-play, it works right out of the box too.

For wherever you are and whatever you're doing
SRS-LSR200 on side table
Watching TV by yourself

If you’re watching TV by yourself but it’s hard to hear, you can make the dialogue crisp and clear with Voice Zoom. As the speaker is beside you and high sound volume is therefore not required, you can watch programmes late at night without disturbing neighbours.

Family and friends watching TV
Watching TV with family and friends

If the TV is difficult to hear, just bring the sound closer. Having the speaker nearby helps you, and your friends and family, listen while keeping you in the conversation.

Listening to TV audio from a distance while preparing food
Watching TV from a distance

Keep track of the commentary or plot-line without having to move closer to the TV, with this compact wireless handy TV speaker. The drip-proof design even makes it suitable for use in the kitchen.

Three speakers, more clarity, more fun

Television dialogue can often be hard to hear. With a third speaker designed into the front of the SRS-LSR200, voices from your TV are clearer, making the programme much more enjoyable. And because you don’t need to turn up the volume, you won’t be disturbing other people in the room.

Remote and speaker,

With its compact design, you can keep this TV speaker right by you. Essential controls for everyday operation of your TV are on the speaker. Adjust channels and volume with just one hand - no remote required.

Simple connectivity. Long battery life.

Simply connect the supplied Charging dock / Transmitter to your TV’s optical-digital or headphone output and you’re ready to go. A full charge gives you up to 13 hours of wireless listening.

[1] Charging dock/Transmitter, [2] Speaker, [A] Optical cable or Headphone cable (Supplied), [B] AC Adaptor (Supplied)

Diagram showing easy connections
Detail of three cable connection
As easy as one, two, three

Connecting up your speaker is effortless. Simply follow the cable numbers and colours on the connectors for easy wiring – you’ll be ready to go in seconds.

① USB cable  ② Digital optical cable  ③ Audio cable

Wonderful gift item for family members

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, any day is a great time to show your appreciation. A simple design makes it easy to operate and enjoy for all ages and generations.

Girl presenting her grandfather with the SRS-LSR200
Clear dialogue with Voice Zoom
Clear dialogue with Voice Zoom

Sony’s original technology analyses voice elements from TV sound and boosts them for easy listening.

Stable wireless connectivity
Stable wireless connectivity

Uses 2.4 GHz wireless transmission for stability and high resistance to interference.

Easy charging and long-life battery
Easy charging and long-life battery

Equipped with Sony’s high-capacity Li-ion battery to run for up to 13 hours on a single charge.

Works with any TV
Works with any TV

Compatible with major TV brands equipped with headphone or optical output. 

Specifications & Features

This easy-to-use wireless speaker connects to and controls your TV so you can enjoy a personalised volume level that's just right for you. Hear sound clearly without disturbing other people in the room.
  • Compact size with space-saving footprint

  • Three speakers for clear sound and voice

  • Lightweight at approx. 630g (speaker) and 100g (transmitter)

  • Drip proof (IPX2) for worry-free use near water

  • Stereo and Optical inputs, Stereo Headphone Jack Output

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